Pisces January 2014 horoscope

Pisces January 2014 horoscope

Pisces January 2014 Horoscope prediction:

Usually Pisces get on well with other people, but this month the Gran Cross will happen in the house of friendship. Uranus, Mars and Jupiter all shape the cross, you will feel uncomfortable with the new moon on January 2nd.It seems that you may have problems or quarrels with your friends. Perhaps for economic affairs even your other half will involve.However, interpersonal relationships will be affected. But never mind, the last half month will be a good chance to solve the problems, as the full moon will also happen in the house of friendship, without the intervening of bad phase. All things can settle down then and learn the experience and do avoid happening again.

Pisces January 2014 Horoscope: Love

This month you will be confused with your love, you are easy to meet with a bad guy, and chose to get on well with him/her without any acquaintance, maybe this is because of loneliness. Pisces are very tolerant to the other half and have self-sacrifice spirit. The good thing is your love is romantic and worth remembering with gratitude constantly and forever.If you are engaged in a love affair, your love will be deeper and deeper, if everything goes well your relation will come to a new stage. If it turns out that you are really not watchable for each other, it is time to put and end to this love.

Pisces January 2014 Horoscope: Career

In January Pisces will get a lot satisfactory from your work. Saturn will inspire your fighting capacity so that your demand that was recognized will be met. The energy that Saturn gives will make you free and relax when faced with problems. But this month you are likely to be difficult to get along with when do teamwork, maybe it will be unhappy for you to give up your individual liberty temporary to finish the work. Then your career is difficult to gain great breakthroughs. If Pisces are mature and rational enough to balance collective interests and personal interests as well as the integration, you will be stronger and gain more with the strength of the collective. A win-win situation will be achieved.

Pisces January 2014 Horoscope: Finance

Financially, you will display outstanding performance especially relate to real estate. With the help of some small planets, you will get a lot interests from your investment, you will get financial support from your family, maybe you will encounter a joint venture partner, pay attention to whether the funds are enough and control highly. When come to consumption, do not let your emotion affect your judgement. Pisces will slightly change scale policy and chose a wiser and more professional attitude toward financial management, mostly a relatively conservative manner.

Pisces January 2014 Horoscope Health

The trajectory direction of Saturn and Venus this month will make you behave impulsively and rashly as a result you feel tired in physics. Maybe you will get hurt by the people around you because of your kindness. Of course, it is not your fault to be kind but not everyone is worth your care. What you need is to find a relaxing way to stabilize the fluctuations; a little indulgence will make you more dynamic. It is not good to be too rational. 

Pisces January 2014 Horoscope: Advice

This month you must adapt and learn to control your life tempo, combine with your profession and creativity, your past will not hinder your improvement any more.  Try not to focus too much on today, especially not with people or activities you're not certain you understand. Your energy may feel terrific, but your judgment may be slightly impaired. Studies will bring you to an understanding of the different aspects of your life and balance will keep you on the right track.