Aquarius January 2014 horoscope

Aquarius January 2014 horoscope

Aquarius January 2014 Horoscope prediction:

The New Year comes with responsibilities, new set of commitments and resolutions, hope of success and joy, but results may be different for different people.This month the astronomical phenomena are bad, the Grand Cross and the new moon on January 2nd which happen in the house of soul.It means you will struggle to get rid of troubles.The join of Mercury in the new moon represents that pay attention to the manner of communication and avoid impulse.When come to the last half month the phase of planets will be in harmony.The same suggestions for you Aquarius, solve problems during all things calm down, review the past and make a summary.

Aquarius January 2014 Horoscope : Love

This month you, Aquarius, will perhaps encounter someone who is very attractive and fall in love with rapidly even the thoughts of getting married with him/her float through your mind, but marriage is still a long distance away for you. It's better for you to build up a solid emotional foundation.Substantive talks will help both of you know more about inner needs of each other when there is a problem with your love relationships. Fe r single Aquarius, you will receive dating invitations frequently, doesn't be too reserved, may be your Miss/Mr right will appear soon.

Aquarius January  2014 Horoscope : Career

This month you will have many chances to show your capacity for work but you should remind yourself that the nail that sticks up mostly gets hammered down.Be efficient while keeping a low profile.The changes make you more approached to your goals, meanwhile you should stay humble, not to offend colleagues.When faced with your superior, don't be too arrogant, you should respect him/her, solicit opinions from them.If you offend them, maybe you will hinder the development of your own career.You will get a lot fun and achievability, of course there will have good results. Correspondingly you will also have to face great competition pressure.To persevere means victory.

Aquarius January  2014 Horoscope : Finance

Aquarius has unique insights when comes to money investment, that's what make you smart.This month your wisdom is much needed, you should put your thoughts into practice.For investment, perhaps January is not the good opportunity, there are many approaches can be tried to accumulate experiences, then you will come to know more about marketing.In consideration of your work performance, you will have an increase in your salary as well as the extra income is very considerable. Meanwhile, you can rationalize financial condition, don't be parsimonious when you should consume.This month the saved money can be used to improve the home environment or for conservative investment.

Aquarius January 2014 Horoscope :Health

There might be fatigue coming your way during this month.You are very emotional and this will cause physical health problems. Try and avoid anxieties and irritability. Let your family help when you need to finish projects. Go on a long vacation that will revive your soul.For those who are trying to heal their body after an illness or quitting a bad habit, you need to start researching new ways to support your body through your diet.
 Take care of your nourishments and do avoid sugary and fatty foods. Stay away from fast food as much as possible.

Aquarius January 2014 Horoscope : Advice

Saturn will slow down your life tempo and avoid contradictions, which will promote the intellectual development.You are likely to immerse in your thoughts and continually to find out the essence of things which are more profound than usual.These will lead your mind and you focussed too much on you yesterday, especially in terms of financial issues which will greatly affect your emotion.You are under pressure, relax and joy will be a good to way to combat them.Some prospective thought will be accepted by you, but you must pay attention to the thoughts and speeches which are strange.