Taurus Love Horoscope 2014

Taurus Love and Social Life Horoscope 2014

The 7th house is a house of power this year, just like last year. It is an area of great focus and deservedly so. As we mentioned, this has been a problem area for a few years. The love life is highly unstable. Marriages and relationships have been seriously tested since 2011, and many have not survived this testing. 

In many cases, these break-ups have been blessings in disguise. Tunisians are not known for 'letting go'. They are havers and holders, conservative and traditional. They like the status qua even if it is not the best that they can have. They have to be 'hit on the head' (in the vernacular) in order to let go. And, basically, this is what has happened to you over the past few years. You needed real drama to let go. 

The Cosmos wants the best for you. And if the current relationship is not up to standard it will go by the wayside. Friendships and business partnerships have also been tested, and this trend will continue in the year ahead. As we mentioned, relationships that have survived the past few years (and that survive the year ahead) will survive anything. And this too is part of the divine agenda. Only basically sound relationships can survive this kind of testing. In many cases, the relationship or friendship was tested because of dramas and life-changing events in the partners' personal lives. It might not have had anything to do with the actual relationship. Still, this is the Cosmos's way of saying, 'Good though this is, I have something better for you. ' 

For singles (and those working towards their first marriage), it is probably not advisable to marry just yet. If you meet someone eligible allows love to grow and develop as it will. There's no rush. Those in or working on their second marriage are having their relationships tested as well. The unattached who are working towards their second marriage have marriage opportunities, but the stability of it is in question. Again, there's no need to rush to tie the knot. Those working towards a third marriage, however, have excellent romantic and marriage opportunities. This was the case during the latter half of last year and in the early part of 2014. This relationship seems spiritual.