Taurus Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Taurus Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Like last year, the main challenges in the year ahead are in the social sphere e love life. Love problems can be a spiritual minefield. The actual difficulty is only the tip of the iceberg. Love problems tend to ignition problems in other areas of life lf-esteem, self-worth, health (especially in your case) and finance. Discord in love can create spiritual problems too, as the flow of spiritual power gets blocked. The Cosmos is giving you a 'crash course' in learning how to handle these things.

When a romantic relationship or business partnership goes sour, there is going to be a certain amount of negativity. This is a given. But you can decide whether you want to take the path of maximum negativity or that of minimum negativity. All too often I have seen many choose the former. Thus, something essentially simple gets magnified and prolonged and becomes much more painful than it needs to be. Then people wonder why they end up ill or in hospital. They don't see the connection.

Eckhart Tolle correctly points out that there is a difference between 'pain' and 'suffering'. Pain is the organism's response to something negative. You cut your finger; you feel a stab of pain. This is natural. Suffering is of the mind. The cut finger becomes a tale of woe and things are always happening to me', 'I'm being punished by God because I'm a bad person', 'I'm just unlucky', etc., etc., etc. Now you have suffered natal and emotional anguish. And now there is a disconnection from the spiritual source.

The cut finger, something basically minor, becomes a major thing. This is true in love as well.

These subsidiary issues that come up e mental an anguish be useful to someone on the spiritual path. It shows the content of the unconscious e impurities thither thus you can clear them. Forgiveness is a very important skill to learn in love and relationships. But for forgiveness to be effective, it needs to be 'real' and not 'strategic'. It has to be genuine and from the heart.

Forgiveness will be easier when you understand that we forgive the person and not the actions. Hurtful actions were wrong and we don't try to whitewash them. We don't do violence to the intellect or judgement. The person is another story. He or she was acting from a certain conditioning and mind set and thus couldn't help doing what was done. If we were in this person's shoes, we might have acted in the same way. When we understand what was behind the actions, forgiveness comes naturally and easily.