Leo March 2015 horoscope

Leo March 2015 Horoscope prediction:

The new moon may happen in the house of your finance while Pluto will stay in the house for work. It means that if you work for someone you will get an amount of commission.You have a great passion for your work, also with Uranus engaged in the new moon all things will be perfect. Even though there are still many problems for you to deal within this month, you may feel depressed especially in your career. Luckily, the full moon will bring good news to you, with the harmony of Jupiter, you will get benefits truly. Jupiter will stay in the 4th house which represents your house and family.May be you will use some money for your family or your house.

Leo March 2015 Horoscope : Love

You will feel sentiment and have an inner desire for love this month however you dare not to take the initiative to pay as you are afraid of being hurt.This conservative, passive attitude will easily make you ignore the people who really care about you. The beautiful springtime is very suitable to start a relationship, take every chance to show the best of you, you are sure to be a shining star.The power of the planet makes you keep a clear mind and controls your temper. Actually many contradictions will be resolved through well communication. Mutual understanding and trust can keep your love relation forever.

Leo March 2015 Horoscope : Career

Generally, your luck for work will be good, but it seems that you don't feel enjoyment. The whole process is tangled for you although the finally results meet the demand.What you need to face with is not only the competition of your colleagues but also suspicious of your superior.So this month will be a self challenge, self training and self growth, surely you will learn a lot. Leo is born to be leaders, your talents and charisma are competent to your work. If you are a member of the leadership, you may make mistakes because of wrong information, so you should have the clear goals of your own.
Leo March 2015 Horoscope : Finance

Big rise and fall will be the best words to describe your financial situation in March. At the beginning, you will invest a large amount in the work projects as well as spend on the person you are chasing for. While other people's disagreement will, you make you start to doubt if it is really worth. Luckily when come to the end, you will find your investment is right and effective.There will have some emerging financial investment industry mushroomed make you feel complete. Although they look good, the market prospects are not clear. It is important for you to walk on eggshells.

Leo March 2015 Horoscope : Health

It is said that your spiritual state is very good this month. It is suitable for you to improve their sports skills.You can take to participate in a team sport such as football, basketball. On the average, Leo is very energetic, with the coming of good luck, visible pressure will be added to you.You will have to consider too many things and the consumption of energy will be very high.You need to pay attention not only the control of your emotion in daily life but also the intake of nutrient of your diet.
Leo March 2015 Horoscope : Advice

Leo has the character of the arrogant which require you to emancipate the mind and stay humble to take in the totally different opinions. It will do great for you if you are willing to listen to home truths about yourself. March will be a very pride month for you, you will have a very good chance for you to demonstrate self talents, merely the competition will be fierce at first. In respect of your love affection, the hard times are coming, you are totally in a mess. Then you should learn to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad.
Man can't be perfect, you cannot stop learning.

Leo March 2015 horoscope