Horoscope 2014 for Leo

Horoscope 2014 for Leo

Jupiter has been in your Twelfth house of spiritual techniques since July 26 2013 and he will be there until This summer 16 this season. Thus you are in an interval of deep and powerful spiritual development and internal development. Development and development that are not noticeable (as yet) to others but occurring however. This interval is an interval for spiritual-type details. And when these occur (and they are happening) it is most joyous; your whole viewpoint on lifestyle changes. And this, eventually, will bring beneficial change to the noticeable, external lifestyle.

When Jupiter goes into your own indication on This summer 16, you enter a pattern of success which you will experience in the next few decades willing 2016. More on this later.

Be individual on the really like front. The season starts off gradually in this division but will end with a hit. There is serious really like in the air at This summer 16 forward. Meanwhile, you are getting inwardly prepared for it. There is more on this later.

Uranus has been in your 9th house of faith, journey and learning since 2011, showing that your spiritual and philosophical values are getting examined. There are big changes going on here. Changes in individual viewpoint and faith always lead to changes in the relaxation of the matters of lifestyle as events are considered in a different way. Also, many executed, greatly established values are being cranked away.

Since Oct 2012 Saturn has been making traumatic factors to you and this is still the scenario for almost all the season ahead. Overall power needs watching, but your wellness is basically excellent. Health will improve at the end of the season when Saturn goes away from his traumatic past. More details later.

Your most essential areas of interest in buy are the whole body, picture and individual satisfaction (after This summer 16); house and family; wellness and work; sex, individual modification, taxation, debt, properties, occult studies; faith, viewpoint, college and foreign travel; and spiritual techniques (until This summer 16).

Your routes of greatest satisfaction this season are spiritual techniques (until This summer 16); the whole body, picture and individual satisfaction (from This summer 16 onwards); close relatives and house (until Feb 19); and interaction and perceptive passions (from Feb 19 onwards).