Leo Love Horoscope 2014

Leo Love Horoscope 2014

Your 7th house of love and marriage is not a house of power this year. So marriage is not likely. Next year 2015 s much better for marriage than this year. However, there is nothing indicating against marriage either. It's a free-will decision.

As we mentioned above, the love life starts off slowly in 2014. The first half of the year is just so-so thing special one way or the other. As the year progresses however d especially after July 1616 love lives improve dramatically.

As with finance, there is a need for patience early in the year. 'Patience, ' says Isidore Friedman 'is merely the conscious knowledge of what is actually happening. ' If it takes three hours to bake a cake, we must allow the three hours. You are being prepared for serious love. Allow the preparations to happen. Good preparation is 95 per cent of success in any venture clothing
Love. A certain degree of spiritual, interior growth is necessary and this is what is happening now.

The wait seems worth it. Jupiter will start to make fabulous aspects to your love planet Uranus from July 16 onwards. It would be a mistake to jump into a serious relationship early in the year with a sense of 'settling' or 'compromise'. What you really want is on its way.

The relationship seems very happy honeymoonersIt has the hallmarks of a love affair but will develop into something more serious. This person is certainly 'marriage material'.

Your love planet has been inAries since March 2011. You are by nature a 'love at first sight' kind of person, but now even more so than normal. Your tendency is to jump into serious relationships too prematurely. Enjoy your love, but let it develop naturally.

Many will want to jump the gun and marry this year, but as we mentioned, next year seems better for that.

Many of the trends that we have written about in past years are still in effect now. Uranus is a very slow-moving planet. You are attracted to 'unconventional' kinds of people e computer whiz, the astrologer or astronomer, the rebel, the professor or minister.

Foreigners are unusually alluring these days, and foreign trips (which are happening this year) can lead to loving.

Love happens in foreign countries and in religious and educational-type settings university or religious services. You gravitate to highly educated, refined and perhaps religious people. You have the aspects of someone who falls in love with the professor or pastor. You gravitate to people you can learn from, who expand your mental and philosophical horizons. Pastor. You gravitate to people you can learn from, who expand your mental and philosophical horizons.

Physical chemistry is always important to you, but these days philosophical and religious compatibility is perhaps just as important. You need to be on the 'same page' in your world view your view of what life is all about. Problems here will sink even the best of physical chemistries.

Married couples will be having more fun in their relationships. You and the beloved will be indulging in travel and fun kinds of activities. The marriage seems very happy. Scheduling a second honeymoon to July 1616, s like a good idea.

Love seems happy whether you are in or working on your first, second or fourth marriage. Those in or working on their third marriage have a status qua kind of year.

Favourable numbers for love are 0, 2, 11 and 17.