Leo Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Leo Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

As we have mentioned, spirituality was important last year and is still important during the first half of 2014. Jupiter moving through your 12th house shows that this is both an enjoyable and successful area of life.

Leos are extraordinarily creative people in general. But this year your creativity is being inspired from the spirit and a whole new (and better) level of creativity is happening to you. Just be open and accept it. The path of creativity is a valid spiritual path this year. There's nothing wrong with the standard methods of tending your place of worship, attending lectures, meditating or doing
Yoga. But it seems to me that you will get more spiritual advancement from allowing your creativity to flow. It is not only enjoyable e creative flow is plethoric educational as well. The same laws that go into creating a song, painting or sculpture are what the Supreme Creator uses to create universe and galaxies. By imitating (even to a small degree) the Creator, we get insight into these Laws.

The Creator is always engaged in the creation of beauty, always releasing more joy into the world. It is a non-stop eternal process. And if we are open, the Creator will use us for these activities. We become channels.

This is a year where supernatural experiences become normal and natural specially for those of you on a spiritual path. For those not on such a path there will be many 'head scratching' moments – how did that happen? How could I have dreamed of you before I even met you? How did I know that you would call before you called? How did I know to see that film where the hero
speaks exactly what I needed to hear?

The invisible world (the origin and source of all visible things) is calling to you – letting you know that it is around. It has many wonders to reveal to you. If it is allowed to operate without interference it will transform this drab, dreary, earthly experience into something magical and miraculous.

Neptune is now in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration, and will be there for the next 12 or so years. Your sex life is being elevated and spiritualized these days. Leos are highly sexual people by nature. But the Horoscope is saying that it isn't more and more sex that you need, but a better and higher quality of sex. The sexual act needs to be elevated from mere animal appetite into something sublime and holy – an act of worship. This will not only make the act more enjoyable but will improve the health. It will be less taxing on the sexual organs, which are vulnerable this year. As time goes on you will be exploring deeper into the spiritual dimensions of sex. For those on the Eastern path it indicates KundaliniYoga or Tantra. For those on the Western Path, the methods of hermetic science and Kabbala. Dion Fortune's The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage is an excellent book to read on this subject.