Virgo Career Horoscope 2014

Virgo Career Horoscope 2014
Your 2nd house of finance is strong for the first seven or so months of the year till July 26. Thus there is great focus and change happening here. A Lunar Eclipse on April 15 occurs in your money house as well, reinforcing all this. 

Mars spends an unusual amount of time in your money house most seven months, which is highly unusual. His normal transit is one and a half to two months. Mars is also part of Grand Square in the cardinal signs. So something big is going on here. You are involved (and it seems to be with the family) in some large, major undertaking. Most likely a business, but a large-scale one. These things are always complicated. Much courage and drive are needed ch waxwork Mars is supplying all this. 

Mars in the money house tends to risk taking. Virgo is not generally a risk-taker. Virgo, like all the Earth signs, tends to be conservative in finance. So this is unusual too. Since Mars rules your 8th house of debt, perhaps you are taking on a lot of debt reaps an uncomfortable adamant this is risky. 

This is a good year to learn the difference between constructive and destructive debt. Constructive debt en you borrow to buy things or make investments that appreciate in valium makes you rich. All the biggest businesses fund their operations with debt. But they use it wisely. The return will always vastly exceed the 'cost of the money'. Destructive debt is when you borrow to buy or invest in things that will go down in value or will be used up, such as a vacation, expensive meals or clothing. After a while such things become worthless d you are stuck with the debt. In recent years, we saw this in the property market. People borrowed huge sums to buy homes that crashed in value. This kind of debt will impoverish you. Sometimes (as in the case of the property market) it is difficult to tell whether the borrowing is constructive or destructive and this is where the risk comes in. Property market) it is difficult to tell whether the borrowing is constructive or destructive and this is where the risk comes in. 

The ruler of the 8th house in the money house often shows inheritance. Hopefully no one has to die, but you can be named in someone's will or appointed to some function that pays you. Many of you are doing extensive estate planning area and tax issues are influencing many of your decisions. It seems to me that many of you are paying more taxes this year (a positive as this generally shows increased income) and many will be receiving large tax refunds. 

Mars in the money house indicates aggressiveness in finance. Mars believes that 'we make wealth happen' r drive and initiative makes it happen. Mars wants to conquer the marketplace dominates it; it is not just about 'earning fair returns' or 'making a living'. The problem here is that this can be overdone and can lead to needless conflicts in business. Work hard, and use 
Your personal initiative by all means. But needless conflict should be avoided. (Sometimes it can't, but where possible it be.) 

Investors with this aspect will be 'profit takers' and 'momentum players'. More like hunters than investors. 

Venus, your financial planet, is a fast-moving planet. During the year, she will move through your whole chart. So money can come to you in a variety of ways and through a variety of people l depending on where Venus is and the kinds of aspects she receives. 

These are short-term trends in finances and we will discuss this in the monthly reports. 

As we mentioned before, career is not a big focus this year. Some years are like that. You are coming out of a few very strong career years and it is time to shift your attention elsewhere friendships, groups and organizations and also to spirituality. Career should be more or less stable.