Virgo Love Horoscope 2014

Virgo Love Horoscope 2014
Ever since Uranus moved out of your 7th house of love and marriage in 2011 the love life has become more stable. Before that be blatant as sheer craziness. Love came and love went. Friends came into the picture and they left. Since 2003 04 your whole social circle has changed.

Beneath all of this was a cosmic agenda. You were being liberated to follow your ideals of love follow the cosmic plan for your love life. And it is starting to happen. In 2012 your love planet, Neptune, moved into your 7th house. Jupiter's move into Cancer last year made fabulous aspects to your love planet d so was Saturn. So love is in the air and this seems to me to be 'ideal' love. The dream lives. Marriage could have happened last year for many of you, and it can still happen in the year ahead.

Jupiter is still making nice aspects to Neptune for the first half of the year.

As our regular readers know, marriage is not meant in a 'literal' kind of way. Many of you entered relationships that were 'like' marriage or met people who were 'marriage material'.

Neptune is in his own sign and house for the long term now, for another 12 or so years. This is a positive for love. Neptune is much stronger and more effective in his own sign and house operates more in line with his nature. So your social magnetism is very powerful these days.

Virgos always have high standards in love. They are perfectionists in romance just as they are in all departments of life. These days the standards seem even higher than usual thing less than the initially do. And it seems attainable.

Perhaps the main challenge these days is discerning the genuine article from those who only seem like the real deal. Neptune makes you very idealistic and you might overlook many tell-tale warning signs. But as time goes on you will learn discernment. Your intuition is being trained in love matters these days. Learn to trust it.

Friends and loved ones – the worldly types – might accuse you of living in 'love cuckoo land' and of having unrealistic expectations. That's OK. Real love is a kind of 'cuckoo land' with its own rules and laws. Better the 'cuckoo land' of love than the grim, loveless prisons of the hard material world.

By the time Jupiter leaves the sign of Cancer on July 16, most of you will have achieved your social goals. It will be time to move on to other things, like spiritual growth.

The social life in general is good this year t just romance. Jupiter in the 11th house until July 16 signals an expanded social circle. New and significant friends are coming into the picture. There is romance, but also a lot of involvement with groups and organizations. Many of you will find romantic and social opportunities online this year. But they will happen in the normal ways to parties, weddings and gatherings, and through family connections.

Favourable numbers for love are 1, 12 and 18.