Virgo Family Horoscope 2014

Virgo Family Horoscope 2014
For practically all the year ahead your 4th house of home and family is not a house of power. This will change very late in the year ring the last week Saturn moves into this house. This will be more of a factor for 2015 than for now. 

Thus the year ahead is more or less stable on the home front. You seem basically satisfied with the present home and present arrangements and have no need to make major changes. There is nothing against a move or renovation, but nothing especially favouring it either. You have much free will in this area this year. 

While the physical home and domestic arrangements are not a focus, children (and children figures in your life) most certainly are. Pluto has been in your 5th house for some years now and will be there for many years to come. Pluto in this aspect tends to complicate child birth. Often it shows abortion, miscarriage or Caesarean sections. Not always though. Perhaps the threat of these things overhangs a pregnancy, or perhaps an abortion or Caesarean is recommended. Sometimes there are medical reasons for this. 

However, it doesn't mean that they have to be done. Get a second opinion. 

Your challenge this year will be to keep the children (or children figures in your life) out of harm's way. In the past few years, they could have had near-death kinds of experiences or surgery. Pluto rules all these things. The trick will be to keep them safe without stunting or stifling their development. Some creativity will be needed. Protecting them against sexual abuse will also be an issue this year (as it has been in past years as well). 

Jupiter, your family planet, spends the first part of the year in Cancer, your 11th house. Jupiter is in his sign of 'exaltation' reaches his highest form of expression in this sign. A good signal for family affairs. This tends to indicate that you are working to build a 'team spirit' in the family, and you seem to be successful. This team spirit can be a powerful protection for the children or 
Children figure in your life. Everyone looks after everyone else. It also shows that you are installing high-tech gadgetry in the home. 

On July 16, Jupiter moves into Leo, your 12th house. This has many readings. The first and most obvious is that the focus is on children with reinforcement of what we said above. It shows that you are making the home more of a 'fun' place young boys or entertainment for the home. This too can be a protection for children. If they can have fun at home, there is no need for them to be outdoors or other places, which could be less safe. It shows that your spiritual understanding will help deal with family issues. If you have issues with the family to consult the Divine within. There is revelation on this subject for you. 

The family planet in the 12th house would show that you are entertaining spiritual-type people or hosting spiritual kinds of events at home. 

This tendency is seen with a parent or parent figure as well. Parents or parent figures could have moved last year, but if not it might happen this year. Perhaps they are renovating or buying additional properties. It seems very happy. 

Siblings or sibling figures in your life have good opportunities to move to upgrade the phoneme r July 16. Children or children figures can have multiple moves in the year ahead. This can either be within the present home or somewhere else. If they are young, bedrooms can be changed or renovated. If they are older, it can be a move to somewhere else. They seem nomadic this year. 

Grandchildren (or these kinds of figures in your life) are likely to move after July 16.