Virgo Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Virgo Self-improvement Horoscope 2014
Spiritual growth is happening on two fronts this year. The first is through the love and social life, through your social interactions and what you learn about yourself through romantic involvement. The second (and this happens from July 16 onwards) is through your family relationships. Everything that is happening on these two fronts is not what it seems. There is a precise spiritual agenda behind things. Everything that is happening in peasant or unimportant or your highest good. It is hard to see this sometimes, especially when unpleasant things happen, but it is nevertheless so. The unpleasantness is really a doorway popularity keeps deepererstanding. But one must know how to enter the door. The first step is to recognize that the Cosmos intends good for you, regardless of appearances. The second step is not to judge the event od or band to just observe it and your internal reactions to it. This simple awareness will reveal the hidden purpose behind the event. Humans have their limited notions of good, but the Cosmos's notion of good is vast and far reaching. Don't judge.

In Love, you are being led, step by step, into the ultimate, most ideal love e trtranscendentalove of the Divine. This doesn't happen overnight. The Cosmos has many roads to take you there nerally through experiencing relationships that seem ideal to you. Even your own highest concept of love on the human level pales in comparison to the divine love. But in order to see this you have to go through human love experiences e highs and the lows. And this is what's happening now. When you contact the Divine Love, you will always have love in your life. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you will always feel that you are on your honeymoon.

Some people think that one has to give up human relationships in order to attain the Divine love, but this is not the case.

Relationships will be just one of the instruments that the Cosmos uses to love you. But it is not limited to that. It can act directly on your mind and emotions (and even your body) if it so chooses.

Everyone has a spiritual family soul family if you will. The soul family is generally very different from the biological family. The biological family could be called the 'ceramic family'. There is a need to resolve old issues from past embodiments. The biological family is one of the laboratories where we gain knowledge and understanding. The soul family could be called the 'ideal family'.

These beings love and support you unconditionally e way a real family should be. Some of the members of this soul family could be incarnate, some not. A person can go through life and never meet one of them in the flesh. Yet, on the spiritual level, they are always there. When Jupiter moves into your 12th House on July 16, you will start meeting some of these people. Some you will meet physically, some on the inner planes. You will be made conscious of their presence.