Leo Health Horoscope 2014

Leo Health Horoscope 2014

Your 6th house of wellness is a house of power this season and this has been the case for many decades now. This season I read it as a great actor. With Saturn your wellness world in traumatic part to you, you need to be focused more here.

Saturn's part alone is not enough to cause disease. However, when the short-term planet's join in the traumatic factors, factors can occur if one is not careful. This season those insecure periods are from Jan 20 to Feb 18, Apr 20 to May 20 and Oct 23 to Nov 21. Be sure to get plenty of relaxing during these periods, and it might be a wise decision to schedule deep massages, reflexology or homeopathy treatments at these periods d also perhaps to spend some time in a wellness spa or medical center.

Saturn's traumatic part tends to damage the overall power. It's as if we try to drive a car with the handbrake on. The car progresses, but gradually and more energy is used. You use more power just to do your regular actions very mind extra factors. So, your power needs to be managed. This, as our frequent visitors know, is the most essential factor. Rest when exhausted. Focus on the real considerations in lifestyle and let the smaller factors go. Different your actions and perform efficiently.

Specific interest should be given to the center. This is always essential for you, but this season more so than regular. The response to the center is shown in the graph. Do your best to prevent fear and anxiety, the two feelings that are the main causes of center related illnesses? If beneficial steps can be taken to a scenario, take them. If not, takes it easy livestock or lifestyle. Worry does nothing for you.

The backbone, legs, teeth, bone fragments, skin and overall skeletal positioning are also always essential for you. Regular back message is powerful, and the legs should also be rubbed and given more support when exercising. If you are out in the sun use an excellent sun screen. Yoga exercises, Yoga exercises, Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method are excellent treatments for the backbone and frequent trips to a
Chiropractor or osteopath might be a wise decision as well.

The gallbladder is another area to concentrate on this season, and the colon, kidney and sex-related body parts have been essential since 2002 when Pluto joined your 6th house of wellness. Safe sex and sex-related control are essential nowadays. You seem more if perhaps you are this season so this advice is essential. Engage but do not over indulge.

With your wellness world in the indication of Scorpio, which guidelines cleansing and Pluto, the globe that guidelines cleansing, in your 6th house, you react magnificently to these kinds of routines. Sometimes this part shows a propensity to surgery, but cleansing will often have the same effect (although it takes longer).

Your wellness world, Saturn, is in your 4th house of close relatives and house almost all season, only leaving on Dec 24. Thus, close relatives connections need to be kept in balance. If there are issues here, it can impact on your wellness. Your feelings and emotions need to be kept beneficial and beneficial. Avoid depressive disorders like the effect. Gladly Leos hardly ever stay frustrated for too Long.

Leo in general is a rich indication, but this season, for those of childbirth age, even more so than regular specially after This summer 16.

Favourable numbers for wellness are 3, 10, 15 and 21.