Leo Family Horoscope 2014

Leo Family Horoscope 2014

Your 4th house has been powerful ever since October 2012 when Saturn, a long-term plant, entered this house. It remains powerful for almost the whole year ahead too, so this is an area of focus.

There is a need now to reorganize the home and domestic life to put things into a right order. The Cosmos impels this by applying pressure. Perhaps there are new family responsibilities to be handled. Perhaps the health of a family member fails and responsibility falls on you. Perhaps the home feels cramped but you can't move (nor is it advisable this year), and so you are forced
To make better use of the space that you have. The fact is that you DO have enough space; you just need to rearrange things a bit.

Family responsibilities can seem overwhelming these days, but this is only 'appearance'. If you reorganize things you will find that everything can be handled.

Though your year ahead seems personally happy pecially after July 1616 by lifelivessdoseem that happy. It seems a burden, a chore, a drag. You (and perhaps family members as well) don't feel safe in expressing your real feelings, and perhaps these are being repressed.

Creating happiness in the home can be done in fact it must be doggone it will take conscious effort. Every day tries to do something that makes things happier. Perhaps a new picture on the wall, perhaps some knick-knack that makes you smile; perhaps kindness kind word or deduced a family member (and especially to a parent or parent figures). These little things practised prepositional have a cumulative effect.

Saturn is your health planet. His position in the 4th house shows that you are working to make the home a healthier place, in various ways. This can be through removing unhealthy kinds of furniture or substances from the home, or removing impurities in the air or water. In many cases, this will be manifest as buying health gadgets for the home, or installing a gym, exercise equipment, saunas or whirlpools. If you had your way home would be as much a health spa as a home.

Saturn is your planet of work as well. Thus though you may work for a company, you are taking more work home. Many of you will install home offices this year. (These things could have happened last year too.)

A parent or parent figure seems depressed. Self-esteem and self-confidence are not what they should be. He or she feels their age and seems pessimistic about life and themselves. They need some of your Leo good cheer. Perhaps their health is not what it should be either. Interestingly though, they seem very successful in their careers. Overwork could be a problem for them.
Finance and Career

As with love, the year starts off slowly. Nothing special seems to be happening on the financial front. There are no disasters, but nothing out of the ordinary on the positive side either. But as the year progresses the financial life (and life in general) gets better and better. Meanwhile, you're in preparation for this. Good things g teachings never happen without adequate preparation.

Indeed, the preparatory phases are often longer and require more work than the actual events that happen. We see this in many areas of life. A show that you enjoyed perhaps lasted an hour or two, but the preparation for it could have taken years. So it is with you. Last year and the early half of this year are about preparing for affluence and success in psychologically ready. When this
Affluence manifests physically and tangibly, you will be able to handle it.

Jupiter's transit into anyone's sign is always happy and positive. But with you, the positivity will be even greater, for Jupiter is the ruler of your 5th house of fun, creativity and speculations on e of the most beneficent of houses. Jupiter is behaving like a 'mega Jupiter'. He brings personal pleasure, the fulfilment of sensual desires, the pleasures of the body, optimism and what the world calls 'good luck'.

Leo's tends to be speculators. I'd wager that if one walked through a casino and randomly checked birthdays, one would find a disproportionate percentage of Leos. (And if you went into things more deeply, and actually checked people's Horoscopes. You would see the sign of Leo and planets in the 5th house featuring very prominently.) However, I'd suggest that you hold off a bit on this until after July 16 when Jupiter enters your sign. Speculations will be more cost effective, more favourable than.

Jupiter doesn't only bring money. He brings an increase in lifestyle. Regardless of how much a person actually has, he or she lives 'as if' they had a lot of money. They live above their normal standards.

This will be a fun kind of year from July 16 onwards. A party kind of year.

Jupiter will bring foreign travel too, and almost a 'jet set' kind of lifestyle (each according to their notions of 'jet set'). This travel doesn't seem related to business. It is more about fun measure travel.

Many Leos (also a disproportionate percentage) are in the entertainment business, either performing or on the business side of the industry. This will be a good year for these activities. Industries involving children will also be profitable and there will be many happy opportunities here. Personal creativity will increase and will be more marketable.

Mercury, your financial planet, moves very quickly. During the year, he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope and will receive all kinds of different aspects. He even moves backwards (in retrograde motion) three times a year. Thus there are many short-term financial trends that are best covered in the monthly reports.

Your favourable financial numbers are 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9.