leo January 2014 horoscope

Leo January 2014 horoscope

Leo January 2014 Horoscope prediction:
There will be an obvious new moon in January, which will be a tribulation in the start of the new year. Leo is always having more powerful vitality than any other signs as the sun is the guardian of Leo.The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in the house of work which means you will have a lot of work to do this month, meanwhile you will get strong pressure.It's useless to resist. When come to the full moon on January 16th, with the harmony of Jupiter, the workload will be decreased.You will be more responsibility to your work and life. Your huge workload comes to the end. 

Leo January 2014 Horoscope : Love
This month your love affair won't be that bad. Love should be dramatic.For single Leo, you can get pretty good results if you take the initiative to invite him/her.To Leo who has loved ones, you need to be more passion to stimulate your unexceptional love life. A sweet dating or a bouquet of roses, hopefully you will have a huge surprise.For Leo who is in marriage, your career climb steadily and you are engaged in social duties so that you spend less and less time to accompany families which will cause dissatisfaction and quarrels.

Leo January  2014 Horoscope : Career
The busy work will make you exhausted and depressed.Relaxing properly is not only good for your physical and mental but also do benefit to stable your work moral.Generally everything goes smoothly with your work.This month you will have great progress in Career,if you are an employee you will have the chance for new trainings and promotion for a leader position,if you are a leader,then your team will grow rapidly,both of these might mainly contribute to the prosperity of the current economic environment.You need to pay attention not to be arrogant or complacent, as peer competition is also fierce. 

Leo January  2014 Horoscope : Finance
It's necessary for Leo to work out a financial schedule this month, as you have good luck for money.Put the increasing of wages aside, the extra income from your part-time jobs will be a large amount.If you are engaged in sales, the increase of your outstanding achievement will be obvious.  The investment you are eager to make a fortune, also many thoughts flash in your mind.Be Remember that idea in one thing the reality is another, or you will pay for your impulse.

Leo January 2014 Horoscope :Health
Leo is always healthy. In this month there is no exception, but do not ignore the signals come from your body which can help you to discover your physical condition early. You should better do sports and exercise regularly to relieve you pressure, or you will get pain in your upper back and backbone due to the heavy work of this month. You may start to map on a new game which needs teamwork like football and basketball.This is good for the muscles, but also easily gets hurt. You should protect yourself.

Cancer January 2014 Horoscope : Advice
Although the increase of the workload may raise your wages or give you the chance for promotion, you need to balance your work and life.Your career needs careful management so it is with your life and love. Spend more time with your families and lover, relax yourself by going for a trip, doing exercise, release your stress.Be careful with the stock investment, tips for you are, treat the chance for"getting rich" in a observe way, don't be too reckless to run out of the money.