Aries Family Horoscope 2014

Your 4th house of home and family is a house of power this year, so there is a great focus here now. With Jupiter in your 4th house since June 26 2013, it is a happy area of life.

Many of you moved in the past year. If you didn't then, it can still happen this year. As our regular readers know, Jupiter moving through the 4th house does not always indicate a 'literal' move but an 'as if' move. Sometimes people buy additional homes or properties. Sometimes they buy expensive items for the home, or renovate or enlarge the existing home. The effect is 'as if' a move has occurred. The home is enlarged and more comfortable than it was before.

Since Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th house of travel, many of you are moving or thinking of moving to foreign countries or faraway places in your own country. Or, as we mentioned, are acquiring properties in these kinds of places.

The family circle gets enlarged under this kind of aspect. Generally this happens through birth or marriage, but it often also happens through meeting people who are 'like family' o arithmetically supportive. They play the role of 'family' in your life. In many cases the 'like' family can be more supportive and helpful than the actual biological family.

As we mentioned earlier, this aspect indicates heightened fertility for those aries who are of childbearing age. This will be the case all year en when Jupiter leaves the 4th house and enters the 5th on July 16. The focus then will shift from the family as a whole with a focus on children.

Jupiter in the 4th house shows that the family as a whole is prospering and more supportive this year. When people are prosperous and optimistic, it is only natural that they will increase their support. They are much more generous this year. If you need a favour from them specially from a parent feature is the year to ask for it.

Children (or children figure in your life) become more prosperous after July 16. I have noticed that it doesn't matter what age they are. Even infants and toddlers prosper under this aspect ye receive expensive kinds of items or a parent or grandparent setup a fund for them behind the scenes.

Jupiter is the planet of religion and higher education. Thus I can see many of you holding religious services in the home camps classes too. The family as a whole seems more religious. Moreover, many of you will be adding a library to the home or expanding your present one. The home is a place of study as much as a home.

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