Aries Finance Horoscope 2014

Aries Finance and Career Horoscope 2014

The year ahead will be prosperous. Things will start slowly, but as the year progresses, and especially in the latter half, prosperity will increase.

Your 2nd house of finance is not a house of power this year, so finances are not a major focus. And perhaps this is the major weakness. You might not be giving them the attention they deserve. You can be too distracted by family, home, personal freedom or the desire for personal pleasure. If finances are troubling you, the solution might be to give the area more attention. Force yourself.

With Uranus in your own sign you are in the mood for new ventures, new start ups. You are an experimenter with almost everything in your life, including finance. You tend to be a risk-taker by nature, and these days even more so. And when you hit the big time, it will be BIG. Failures however d there will be a fever also be big. Risk taking speculations much better during the latter half of the year 16 – t16 ore.

Venus is your financial planet. Regular readers assuredly know that Venus is a fast-moving planet. During the year, she will move through all the signs and houses of the chart. Thus there will be many short-term financial trends, all depending on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

With Venus as your financial planet your social skills (and, Aries, you need to develop these more) are a huge factor in earnings. It's not so much your innate ability and merit, though these are important's the liplike obliterator, people skills, the ability to get on with others that are important. When Aries develop these qualities, there's no stopping them. The sky is the limit. In the Personality Profile, we discuss the best financial areas for Aries. These should be reviewed this year.

Your spouse, partner or current love is having financial challenges. He or she feels squeezed. Perhaps some new expense or financial burden has been placed on them. They just need to reorganize things, shift things around here and there, and work to get financially healthier. If they do, they will find that they have all the resources they need. They have been making very dramatic financial changes in the past two years and there is more to come. But after this year, their finances should stabilize.

If you are involved with estates or tax issues, be patient. Only time will resolve things. Borrowing kissing outside mo money more challenging this year. Again patience and persistence will win the day.

Your favourable financial numbers are 2, 3, 7 and 9.

Though money is not that big a deal, career is very important. What I like here is that you have a great single-minded focus, an intense drive to succeed. This tends to success. We get what we focus on. The only problem here is that you might be too career driven o fanatic about it. This leads to conflict, strife and perhaps to make some dangerous enemies. There is sort of a 'tunnel vision' when it comes to the career and it can make you unaware of whose toes or turf is being stepped on.

Pluto in the career house indicates that there is great change and transformation happening in your company and industry; deep and fundamental change. The rules can be so changed that it is 'as if' you have embarked on a completely different career. Often Pluto brings 'near-death' experiences in the career. But always keep in mind that after death or near-death experiences comes resurrection and renewal. This is a cosmic law.

Bosses, parents and authority figures in your life are having surgery or near-death kinds of experiences too. The company you work for can be having a near-death experience as well.

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