Aries Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

The planet Neptune is always radiating a refining, elevating, spiritualizing kind of force. But now that Neptune is in his own sign and house sites and your 12th house power is greatly magnified. You are feeling this. Many of the things that appealed to you in the past have lost their appeal. Many of the things that you considered important are not that important any more. A new and more powerful energy is coming into you. If you are already on the spiritual path you are making greater progress now. You are having dramatic spiritual experiences and revelations. Your spiritual faculties url facilities opening up and becoming stronger. Those of you who are spiritual practitioners are much busier and more in demand than ever before. More and more people are interested in your work.

Those not yet on the spiritual path will most likely enter into it this year or in future years. Neptune will be in Pisces for the next 11 or so years. The Cosmos has its way of bringing you into the fold. In some cases, people have vivid Technicolor dreams that are real but don't make sense to the rational mind. In some cases, there is this vague feeling of dissatisfaction that pervades the worldly life. Though the person attains the things or goals that were thought to make them happy, they find that they are not happy. They have a feeling of disillusionment. Sometimes a problem child brings them into the fold. They are forced to examine things more deeply, to study things to find answers. Sometimes tragedy does it. It is different for each person.

When Neptune e ruler of the highest he heaven active, the things of this world seem tawdry and cheapest imitations of what is possible and double-talk the cause forenoon inner dissatisfaction that many experience. Let this feeling be seen as a call to deeper and higher knowledge and not as an excuse to overindulge in alcohol or drugs.

Synchronicity experiences will increase these days. Those on the spiritual path will understand them completely, while those not on the path will scratch their heads. You'll think of someone and they call you. You'll feel your phone buzz in your pocket only you don't have your phone in your pocket, but when you get home you'll see that someone messages you at the exact time that you felt the buzz!

Saturn is still in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration for practically all of the year ahead (until December 24). This shows a need to re-order the sex life and the use of the sexual energies. Better less sex but quality sex than many mediocre experiences.