Scorpio Love Horoscope 2014

Your 7th house of love and marriage is not a house of power this year. Neither is the 11th house of friendships. This year will not be a very social kind of year. Some years are like that. The Cosmos aims for well-rounded development. Thus different areas of life are accentuated at different times. Generally this aspect shows a stable kind of love year. Those of you who are married will tend to stay married; singles will tend to stay single.

Love affairs, however, are another story. These seem plentiful, but are merely for entertainment purposes. These are not likely to lead to anything serious or committed.

Saturn in your own sign (and you had this issue last year too) doesn’t generally make for social popularity. It is not the kind of aspect that makes you the ‘life and soul of the party’. It gives a more serious, sober demeanour. Fun activities seem frivolous. The social niceties seem frivolous. Perhaps you look askance at those who are living lives of parties and pleasure. These things are so ephemeral, so superficial.

Love and social activities have to serve some useful purpose – something more than just fun and games.

Saturn in your sign often makes a person aloof, cold and distant. There is a strong feeling of being separate from people. This could be happening unconsciously. Perhaps you don’t mean to be this way, but others pick up on it and give you a lot of space. This is easily correctable. You just need to make a conscious effort to project love and warmth to others. It’s good to be serious and ambitious but allow yourself to have some fun too. Allow your natural sense of humour some outlet. Serious, serious, serious all the time is unbalanced.

Those of you working towards your second marriage have strong marriage and romantic opportunities this year. Last year was also good. If nothing special happened last year, it could happen in the year ahead. Those of you working on the third marriage have a stable kind of year.

If a parent or parent figure is unattached there is good romantic opportunity after July 16. The social life in general heats up.

Siblings or sibling figures are involved in romance and could marry this year. They had good romantic aspects last year too. Children or children figures in your life are attractive and alluring, but the love life is stable this year.

Your favourable numbers for love are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 12.