Scorpio Health Horoscope 2014

Your 6th house of health has been a house of power since 2011 and will be so for some more years. A good thing too; with Saturn in your own sign, your health will need watching. A strong 6th house shows that you will be on the case.
Though you need to monitor your health, it does seem basically good. For the first half of the year only Saturn is in stressful alignment with you. Later on however, from July 16 onwards, Jupiter will also be in stressful alignment. Otherwise, the other long-term planets are either in harmonious aspect or leaving you alone.

Saturn by himself is not enough to cause disease. However the energy levels are not what they should be and thus things that you always did naturally and normally might not be able to be done. This is a relative thing. Perhaps flu never bothered you, and you never needed to take precautions. Now Saturn is in the picture, the auric field is a tad weaker than usual, and so you catch it. The normal immunity that you had isn’t there. Or, you always climbed a ladder and picked fruit from the top of your tree without any problem. Now Saturn is in the picture this seemingly simple procedure is more complicated. The reflexes, the judgement are just a little off, so you make a wrong move and fall.

Thus Saturn didn’t actually cause the problem, but he created the internal conditions where problems could happen.

The first line of defence is to maintain high energy levels. Eliminate the time and energy wasters in your life. Observe, identify and then eliminate. Keep your focus on what is really important. Avoid useless thinking and speech. Worry and anxiety are huge energy wasters. Rest more. Plan your day so that more gets done with less effort. Delegate wherever possible.

The second line of defence is to strengthen the vulnerable areas in the body. This will generally prevent problems from happening. And even if they can’t be totally prevented, problems can be lessened to a great extent.

Using the reflexes shown on the chart, give more attention to the following areas: the heart (avoid worry and anxiety, the spiritual root causes of heart problems); the head, face and scalp (regular scalp and face massage is always powerful for you); the kidneys and hips (the hips should be regularly massaged, kidney action seems hyper during the first half of the year); the adrenals (avoid anger and fear, the two emotions that stress the adrenals); and the ankles and calves (these should be regularly massaged, and the ankles should be well supported when exercising).

With Mars as your health planet, vigorous physical exercise is always good. Good muscle tone is important.

Your health planet moves relatively quickly (though this year he spends almost seven months in the sign of Libra). This year he will move through five signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term trends in health that are best covered in the

monthly reports. Your favourable numbers for health are 1, 4, 5 and 16.