Scorpio Career Horoscope 2014

Your money house only becomes a house of power in the final week of the year. For almost all the year it is empty, except for the temporary transits of the short-term planets. Perhaps this is the main financial weakness (especially during the first half of the year). You might not be paying enough attention here. Jupiter, your financial planet, is in opposition to Pluto, the ruler of your Horoscope, during this period, and so there are many things you’d rather be doing than making money.
We so see a lot of financial changes – sudden and dramatic ones – in the first half of the year. Your financial planet is in square aspect with Uranus. Thus family seems behind these changes. Perhaps some unexpected family expense arises, or some sudden repair for the home. (This was happening last year as well.)

Though there is much financial volatility at the beginning of the year, prosperity and earnings seem good. Jupiter is in his sign of exaltation. This shows strong earning power – ‘exalted’ earning power. Also Jupiter is in the 9th house, one of the most beneficent houses of the Horoscope. (Hindu astrologers consider it the most beneficent house.) Your financial planet is in basically harmonious aspect with Neptune during the first half of the year and this indicates luck in speculations. Children and children figures in your life are prospering.

Jupiter as the financial planet shows a knack for foreign investments – money from foreign countries or foreigners. Jupiter rules book publishing and for profit colleges and universities. In the sign of Cancer it indicates investments in residential property, restaurants, hotels and the food business in general.

On July 16 Jupiter moves into Leo, your 10th house of career. This should improve earnings even further. Family financial disputes will be resolved. As we mentioned, there will be better financial support from the family or family connections. Money can come from a family-type business. It shows the financial favour of parents, parent figures, bosses and authority figures. They are supportive of your financial goals.

Sometimes this aspect shows money from the government or from companies that are government contractors. Your good professional reputation becomes important then. This brings referrals and other opportunities.

Perhaps the most important thing is your focus. Jupiter in the 10th house indicates that finance becomes an important priority. You see it as your ‘mission’ and purpose during that period.

Uranus being in your 6th house of work since 2011 shows many job changes. You need more freedom at your workplace. You need more variety and more outlets to express your innovations and originality. The jobs that allow this are probably more satisfying for you than those that pay more but don’t allow it. If you employ others there is great instability in the workforce, with high (and perhaps sudden) levels of staff turnover.

Jupiter in your 10th house is a classic indicator of career success. It shows promotion and elevation in your present company, or in your profession or business. You enjoy more status and prestige. Your professional achievements receive recognition. Often honours come your way. Always there are happy career opportunities.

The financial planet in Leo also shows luck in speculations. It shows the prosperity of children or children figures and a good feeling towards products or companies that market to children.

Your favourable financial numbers are 4, 9, 10 and 14.