Scorpio Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Saturn in your own sign often creates a feeling of pessimism. This is not very good for the social life as people don’t want to be ‘dragged down’. The other problem is that undue pessimism can actually draw upon you the things that you fear. This is the spiritual law. There are two kinds of pessimism. One is constructive, the other destructive. Constructive pessimism is when one looks at the dark side, the worst-case scenario (which generally never happen), and figures out ways to deal with it. One then becomes an ‘optimist’ in the midst of the pessimism. The fear of the dark is gone. One feels free. Destructive pessimism is when one looks at the dark side and has no plan for dealing with it. One is stuck – emotionally – in the dark side. This becomes depression.

If you feel this happening to you it is good to talk about your feelings to a professional therapist or a good friend. Often this helps one to see past the dark images. If this is not feasible, there are other ways to ‘out’ these feelings and images in a safe way, and you need to explore them. Don’t hold these feelings in. Saturn in your sign has some positives too. It is excellent for weight loss programmes (if you need that).

Neptune has been in your 5th house since February 2012. This shows that your tastes in entertainment are becoming more spiritual, more refined. Your musical tastes will turn to the spiritual – gospel or other forms of sacred music. You could gravitate to films of a spiritual nature too. As we mentioned earlier, you might find more enjoyment at a spiritual lecture or meditation seminar than at a night on the town.

Those on the spiritual path will get good results from the path of creativity. Spirit is inspiring you on this front. Creativity is not only enjoyable for its own sake but will foster spiritual growth and understanding. The Higher Power will communicate to you through your creativity.

Mars, your health planet, spends almost seven months in your 12th house of spirituality. This shows an interest in spiritual healing. You will get results from this approach. If you feel under the weather a visit to a spiritual healer will do the trick. Regular visits will be a powerful preventive to disease. This transit also shows that you are going deeper into this area in the year ahead. Read as much as you can on the subject, and attend seminars and courses. And, most important, put these lessons into practice. You will see amazing results.