Gemini Love Horoscope 2014

Gemini Love Horoscope 2014

The years 2012 and 2013 were exceptionally strong in terms of your love and social life. Many of you married or got involved in relationships that were 'like' a marriage. Some of you met people you would consider marrying pole who was 'marriage material'. The 7th house of love and marriage is not a house of power this year, and I read this as a basic satisfaction with things as they are. There is no need for dramatic changes. Married couples will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. 

In 2013, aspects were favourable for business-type partnerships and joint ventures is too is a form of marriage but on the economic level. This can still happen in 2014 as well. 

On Jupiter as your love planet, you have a natural affinity with wealthy, jet-setting types of people d this year even more so than usual. Jupiter spends the first half of the year in your money house. Wealth is definitely a romantic turn-on. 

However, wealth alone is not enough. Jupiter in the sign of Cancer shows that the beloved must have strong family values. 

Emotional intimacy optional sharing and manufacturing very important in love, is perhaps just as important as the physical aspects. 

There is such a thing as 'emoptional sex'. The sexual act has to happen emotionally as well as physically. 

Like last year, you show love in material ways ough giving financial support and material gifts. And this is how you feel loved as well. Until July 16 the still-unattached Gemini finds love opportunities as he or she pursues financial goals, and perhaps with people who are involved in his or her finances. Love attitudes start to change after July 16 as the love planet moves into Leo, your 
3rd house. The mental connection becomes important in love. Communication is always important to you, but now it becomes a love issue. There is a need for mental compatibility, a need to fall in love with the mind as well as the body. Ease of communication is a romantic turn-on. Speech is a form of foreplay. The mind is an erogenous zone. 

When Jupiter moves into Leo, love opportunities will happen within the neighbourhood and perhaps with neighbours. Love is close to home. Love opportunities also happen in educational-type settings school or school functions, at lectures or seminars, 
In the library or at the magazine rack at your local newsagent. These are good venues as the sharing of mental interests is a good first step in loving good first connection. 

The horoscope not only shows the needs in love but the way problems in a relationship get resolved. Until July 16, a nice gift will assuage bruised feelings and restore harmony. After July 16, this will change. It might be wise to read the same book (together as a couple) or attend lectures or take courses together. This will create harmony on the mental level, which is necessary now. 

Your favourable numbers for love are 4, 9, 10 and 14.