Libra Health Horoscope 2014

Health is challenging this year, although more in the first half of the year than the second. You should note a steady improvement from July 16 onwards. Happily, your 6th house of health is strong this year, so you are focused here and this is exactly what is needed. If you were ignoring things it would be more serious. Stressful health aspects don't necessarily mean sickness or disease, but it means that more effort is needed to maintain good health. If you put in the effort D, it seems that you will he will be good.

You begin the year with four long-term plants in stressful alignment with you. This is not a joke. During the first half of the year, there will be periods where the short-term planets also stress you. Those periods will be from January 1 to January 20, March 21 to April 19, and June 21 to July 16. Make sure you get a lot of rest during these times. It might be advisable to arrange more messages or to spend time in a health spa. (It won't be a bad idea to do this during the first half of the year in general, but especially during those vulnerable periods.) We will discuss this further in the monthly reports.

The good news is that there is much you can do to enhance the health and prevent problems from developing. As regular readers know, the first line of defence is to maintain high energy levels. Be ruthless about this. Refuse to waste energy on trifles, on things that don't contribute to your central purposes and goals. Avoid worry, too much thinking and too much speech. These are hidden energy wasters. Delegate tasks wherever possible. Try to plan activities in a more efficient way so that more gets done with less effort. You'll need every ounce of energy.

The next line of defence is to give more attention to the heart and the feet, which are vulnerable areas. Reflexes of the heart are shown on the chart. Avoid worry and anxiety, the spiritual root causes of heart problems. Meditation will be a help here.

Look after the feet by wearing shoes that fit and that don't upset your balance. Comfort is to be preferred over fashion (this is a bitter pill for Libra you can have both, all the better). Regular foot massages senior concert be very powerful. Foot whirlpools and foot baths will also be good. There are many foot massage and foot whirlpool gadgets on the market and it might be wise to invest in one of these and use it regularly. Make it part of your health regime.

With Neptune as your health planet you will get wonderful results from spiritual healing techniques for dictation, the laying on of hands, Reiki and the manipulation of subtle energies. If you feel under the weather a visit to a spiritual practitioner will be good.

Mars spends a lot of time in your own sign. This has some good points. It gives energy and courage and a drive to achieve.

However, sometimes it can make a person push the body beyond its limits. It also makes one feel impatient. There's a tendency to rush all the time and this can lead to injuries, even if the health is good. It can make a person more confrontational and this can lead to disagreements and even violence. Watch your temper. If you feel angry, take a deep breath and count to 10 before talking. Tone down the aggressiveness.

Your health planet rules from a water sign (Pisces). Thus you have a special connection with the healing powers of the water element. It is good to drink more water. Water purity is important for you. Tap water should be well filtered (and there are many of these gadgets out on the market), otherwise try bottled water. You will find it beneficial to hang around water if you feel under the weather – oceans, rivers, lakes and springs. Swimming and water sports are healthy exercise. Natural water is always best, but if this is impractical you can soak in your tub or whirlpool bath. Frequent showers are good at a pinch, but a long soak in the bath is better.