Libra Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Like last year, Saturn is in the monkey house for practically the entire year. So this is a time to gain control of the finances partially suspending er than let finafinancialtrol you. This is the spiritual intent of the transit make you financially healthier and to enrich you. Prosperity can happen in two ways. The first is through increased earnings, the second through good financial management. This year (and last) your path to prosperity is via the latter. If good financial management is lacking, increased earnings will not increase your wealth. It will get frittered away in waste. However, with good financial management, when earnings increase wealth also increases.

Saturn in the money house suggests good use of a budget. Many metaphysical practitioners dislike budgets in that they see them as 'black' thinking. But this need not be so. A good budget is really about financial control, not black. It enables a person to allocate resources in the most effective way. A good budget should include categories for fun, leisure and the enjoyment of life t just for necessities. A percentage of your earnings go to each important activity or expense in your life. There should be a category for savings and investment too, for building future wealth. The budget gives you guidelines on what and how much you can spend. This is its usefulness.

Neptune has been in your 6th house of health since February 2012. (It visited there briefly in 2011, but in 2012 it entered for the long haul.) We mentioned some of the purely physical effects of this transit in the health section. But there is more to health than just the physical and Neptune is going to show you this very dramatically in coming years. Many of you have already made good progress in this department, but more is coming.

Neptune in your 6th house (and as ruler of the 6th house) shows spiritual healing. You are exploring more deeply into this. This is a long-term trend. We probably wrote of this last year, but it is worth discussing again as the trend is still very much in effect. Read up all you can on this subject. Emmet Fox, Joseph Murphy and Ernest Holmes are good writers to start off with. Spiritual healing is a bit different from mind-body healing, though they are similar. Mind of healing is mostly about making positive statements, affirmations, and using imagery to get the mind to heal the body. This is wonderful. These days this approach is mainstream. (I can remember a time when it was not.) In spiritual healing the approach is different. We use the mind and the imagination to invite the activity of a power that is essentially 'beyond' and 'above' the mind. It is the flow of this power that does the healing, not the affirmations and imagery. These are just means to an end.

This powerful ll it SpspiritChi, God, Divine, Lolovethe labels are not important-RRB-  often work through human institutional S, therapists, health practipractitioners not limited to doing so. It can act directly on the body as well.

This is a most exciting area of research for Libra these days. In my opinion, it will, eventually, revolutionize medicine.