Libra Family Horoscope 2014

Your 4th house of home and family has been a house of power for many years now, d this will continue for many more years. It is an ultra-long-term trend. Undoubtedly this has been discussed in previous years, but it's still worth mentioning as the trend is still in effect. Cosmic detox is happening in the family circle. The impurities in the situation are being surfaced, brought into the clear light, and then cleansed and corrected. Detoxification is seldom pleasant. All kinds of unpleasant debris, unresolved issues, negative feelings and the causes for them come up. Much 'expelling' is going on. But the end result is always good. You will have renewal in the family situation and home. This won't happen overnight, but it will be over time.

This is basically what is behind all the dramas happening at home and in the family. On the mundane level, it brings the 'crisis' in the family needs to confront life-and-death kinds of situations. Sometimes there is actual death in the family and the aftermath, the grieving and review, is a form of detoxification. Sometimes it brings surgery and near-death experiences to family members and this too is a form of detox up feelings need to be confronted. Sometimes the family as a whole splits up. There are breaks in the family connection, sometimes due to divorce, sometimes due to financial conflicts, sometimes due to other factors. It's 'as if' the family unit as you knew it 'died'. Always keep in mind that resurrection renewal ys comes after death. Death and resurrection are twins; there is never one without the other.

Pluto's presence in the 4th house often shows major construction and renovation happening in the physical home. Pluto is working on many levels and the physical is one of them. This renovation seems more than merely 'cosmetic' involves breaking down walls, reshaping rooms, and ripping out old wiring or plumbing. It's probably expensive as well. While this is happening in your home is in chaos. It's not generally pleasant, but the end result is good. When the end result is understood, the chaotic use and unemotional much easier to handle. Most of the time we don't see the good until long afterwards, but it is enough to know that it will be revealed. The family unit will eventually reconstitute itself as a better and healthier level.

The home and family seem important on the financial level too. You are spending more on the home and family vesting fathers are most likely earning from here as well. Family financial support seems good, though turbulent.

A parent or parent figure is prospering and seems very involved and supportive of you in your financial life. You, in turn, seem financially involved with this parent.

Moves will be more likely next year than now. And even a movement seems to involve construction and renovation.

Siblings and sibling figures could have moved last year, but if not it could happen in the first half of 2014. I see homes near water for them. Children or children figure in your life prosper after July 16. They are doing much travelling. A move is not out of the question here, and a parent or parent figure could have multiple moves or renovations. He or she seems 'emoptionally restless'.

Finance and Career

Your money house was strong last year and will be strong in the year ahead. This is a positive for finance. It shows interest and drive focused here, a willingness to overcome all the various challenges that arise. I consider this more important than just 'easy' aspects.

There are many financial challenges to deal with this year specially until July 26. Your financial planet, Pluto, is involved in a Grand Square aspect during the first half of the year (technically until July 16). This indicates involvement in some major project e founding of some business or institution. These big projects are always complicated and need much juggling.

Saturn has been in your money house since last year, signalling a feeling of financial restriction. You are taking on more financial responsibility and have more burdens to carry. These seem to come from family and seem unavoidable. You probably can avoid them (human beings are powerful and can do many things) but it isn't wished to do so as there is hidden blessings there. As we mentioned earlier, you are spending more on the home and family but are earning from this as well. The family is perhaps limiting your financial freedom, but they are supportive financially D if not in a physical, tangible way, then in emotional ways. Family connections are important in financing too.

These extra burdens are forcing important financial changes and reorganizations. Some of these changes will be dramatic, but in the end they will be good. You already know the changes that need to be made and this is a year to put them into effect.

If you make the changes, reorganize, shift things around and eliminate waste and redundancy, you will have all the resources that you need.

Your financial planet is in the sign of Capricorn and Saturn (the ruler of this sign) is in your money house. These planets are in 'mutual reception' ch is a guest in the sign and house of the other. This is something positive. It shows good co-operation between the planets. Thus, the family and family connections are important financially. It shows an ability to make money from home (or at home). It favours property investment (residential or commercial), restaurants and hotels industries that cater to the home. This is a nice financial aspect for psychological therapists.

The combination of the financial planet in Capricorn and Saturn in the money house suggests a business of some kind nothing traditional and socially acceptable. It indicates excellent financial judgement and a long-term perspective on finance. A long-term perspective on what investments will be worth many years from now.

These are wonderful aspects for getting the financial life in 'order' od for savings and investment programmes. Good for serious, daily financial regimens.

However, this combination of planetary aspects is not so favourable for speculations. Speculations should be avoided for the first half of the year by doingn't seem fortunate. But after July 16 they become a bit more favourable. (speculations should always be made using the inner guidance and never automatically.) The two planets involved in your financial life are not 'get rich quick' kinds of planets. Wealth is attained slowly, methodically, over time through good financial discipline and judgement.

Career, as we mentioned, was good last year and is still powerful in the year ahead till July 16. Jupiter is in your career house until then, which is a classic indicator of career success. If you work with others, there is a promotion in store. If you work for yourself, your status and prestige are increased. Jupiter will bring happy career opportunities as well. Jupiter in the sign of Cancer favours a family kind of business. It also shows that siblings and sibling figures in your life are successful this year and they seem supportive of your career goals. Good marketing and promotion od communication suckers very important care career wise