Gemini Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Gemini Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Saturn has been in your 6th house of health since October 2012, and will remain there for almost the whole year ahead. Aside from the physical aspects of health, which we have discussed, this indicates changes in attitude. It shows a need to avoid 'quickie' health fixes ings that only give temporary receive a focus on long-term cure and prevention. Generally this involves lifestyle 
Adjustments. Also it shows a need d an amiability undertakes disciplined, rigorous daily health regimes. This is a positive for your health. However, this transit can also make a person ultra conservative in health matters, unwilling to try new and perhaps beneficial therapies. Just because something is new doesn't mean that it is bad. Do your homework. 

Neptune, as we mentioned, is now in your 10th house of career for the long term r in the next 12 or so years. This brings idealism to the career, as we said. In many cases, it indicates a career in a non-profit or charitable organization. Perhaps the pay is not what you would like, but there will be great personal satisfaction missing that money can't buy. In other cases, this indicates a spiritual type of career history, the psychic or astrological field, spiritual channelling, music, poetry or the fine arts. Any calling that involves the 'flow' of spiritual inspiration would appeal to you. Anyone who has experienced this flow can testify that it is euphoric. One is 'high' without drugs or alcohol, and many of you are going to experience this in the coming years. It is a high that has nothing to do with any physical or material thing or event. It is something internal. 

For many of you, this shows that your true mission (as opposed to your outer career or work) is your spiritual practice, your spiritual growth. Though these practices seem solitary and subtle (nothing overt seems to happen) they are nevertheless very powerful. First they change your internal condition on a personal level. This in turn affects the internal condition of family members and those you come in contact with. Then the waves spread out to the community, the city, the country and the world. 

Many people think that the world changes happen in the White House, Wall Street, Brussels or in Parliament. The truth is that it is spiritual breakthroughs made by solitary practitioners ay from the crowds, flashing cameras and school change the world. The activities of politicians and rulers are merely the end result of changes that were made by individuals meditating alone. 

So these activities are a valid career path from the spiritual perspective of things. 

Many of you are questioning what to do with your lives at the path to pursue. With Neptune in your 10th house, there will be much revelation on this subject. Take notice of your dreams. Astrologers, psychics, ministers, priests use kinds of peep-hole important guidance on these issues.