Sagittarius Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Your financial planet Saturn moved into Scorpio, your 12th house, in October 2012. Thus he has been in ‘mutual reception’ with Pluto (your spiritual planet) since that time and this is the situation in the year ahead. Each is a guest in the sign or house of the other.

Two planets in mutual reception are considered friendly with each other – helpful and co-operative. Thus your spirituality is helping your financial life and your financial life is helping you grow spiritually. Many people find these two areas of life in conflict – each seems, on the surface, antithetical to the other. But this is not the case with you.

I read this as going deeper, into the spiritual dimensions of wealth. This is a big subject.

Many people are in bondage because of money, or because of a lack of understanding of money. Many are not fulfilling their true purposes in life because of financial blockages (or what they think are financial blockages). I have seen this so many times. The person who should paint feels that he can’t afford to do so, or can’t make it in that field and so chooses some lesser profession because of this. Not only is there an omnipresent sense of unease over this, but they are depriving the world of their unique gift. I see this in many other fields too. The musician becomes a cab driver or an accountant. There is nothing wrong with being an accountant or cab driver, but that is not their purpose.

Until we understand money and the source of money we will never know true financial freedom and never fully achieve our purposes in life.

Over these past few years the Cosmos has been opening doors for you in this area. It is up to you step through, though. The Cosmos will not force you.

That the Divine (or Spirit) is the source of all supply is one of the central messages of all scripture. Happily Sagittarius, more than most, understands this. Once a person learns how to access this ever-present supply, the doors of affluence will always be open. Often, the doors on the material level are closed and there’s nothing much that can be done on that level. But the spiritual doors are always open for those who understand them. You can always afford to follow your true purpose – the true desire of the heart.

You already understand much about the spiritual dimensions of wealth, but this year you are going deeper into this area. Read up all you can on the subject. It will transform your whole life.