Sagittarius Family Horoscope 2014

Your 4th house of home and family is a house of power this year and for many years to come. The things that we write about here will take place over many years, as the action of a long-term planet like Neptune in a sign and house is more in the nature of a ‘process’ rather than an event. The events that happen are merely ‘stages’ in this process.
Neptune in the 4th house shows various things – and all are likely to happen over time. First off, it shows that the family circle, the family unit and family relationships are becoming more refined, spiritualized and elevated in their energy vibration and tone. In other words, things are becoming more ‘ideal’ – more of a reflection of the heavenly pattern of family. But the road to this can often be dramatic.

Family members are becoming more spiritual, entering a spiritual path. And while this is good, it often creates havoc in the short term. For example, sometimes a child becomes ‘religious’ and tries to impose his or her religious beliefs and strictures on the rest of the family, which creates discord. Sometimes the reverse happens. It is a parent who enters the path and the same kind of thing happens. It takes time and patience to sort these things out. Live and let live is the best policy, although it is not always easy to follow. The end result of this – and this is the heavenly agenda – is that the family members, through the child or parent, become acquainted with spiritual concepts and thinking and thus are forced to investigate their own notions of it. In the end everyone grows, but not always harmoniously.

Neptune is a very high and refined kind of energy. His position in the 4th house means that the family is being inundated with this energy. They will become more sensitive, more easily hurt. Little things can trigger insults, so more care and more sensitivity is needed. Voice tones and body language need to be watched.

Spirituality is the problem here and spirituality is the solution. It is only your own spiritual understanding that will help you deal with these issues.

Neptune is the planet of revelation. He shines a light on things and in the light we see the good, the bad and the ugly – hence Neptune’s reputation for scandal. The light is impersonal, but what it reveals can be scandalous at times.

Sometimes this transit shows that a parent or parent figure is abusing drugs or alcohol. This is seen to be a ‘short cut’ out of pain, a short cut to transcendence. But with a spiritual education he or she can learn the real way to transcendence.

Moves were on the cards last year, and they are indicated for the first half of this year too. You seem attracted to homes near water, and this will be a long-term trend. It might be good to acquire fish tanks (with live fish swimming around) for your home. This is considered a healthy energy in the home and they are also decorative – like art.

Children are likely to move this year, and it seems happy. Parents or parent figures in your life could have moved last year or in 2012. This year it seems more stable. Siblings and sibling figures also have a status quo kind of family year. Grandchildren are prospering in the latter half of the year, but moves seem ill advised.