Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2014

As we mentioned, you are coming out of two very strong love and social years. Many of you married or got involved in very serious kinds of relationships in 2012 and 2013. Social goals seem more or less attained by now, and romance is not a major focus now. This year will be a stable romantic year. Singles will most likely stay single and those of you who are married will probably remain married.

Like last year you are still in a sexually active kind of period. Though love and sex are two different things, it does show that you are enjoying yourself.

For the as-yet-unattached, love affairs seem plentiful but they are unstable and are not likely to lead to anything serious. Love affairs with neighbours or in the neighbourhood are likely. We can also see online activities or involvement with groups and group activities providing opportunities for love affairs.

For those of you working towards your second marriage, there is romance and marriage opportunities happening after July 16. It seems happy. For those working on their third marriage we see love affairs, but the stability of these is in question.

Mercury is your love planet and he is a very fast-moving planet. Only the Moon moves faster than him. During the year Mercury moves through every sign and house of your chart. Thus there are many short-term trends in love, depending on where Mercury is and the aspects he is receiving. These are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Having a planet like Mercury as the love planet shows that love and romance can happen in a variety of venues and through a variety of people. Your tastes and needs in love change very quickly. Hence some see you as ‘fickle’.

Though romance seems on the back-burner for most of you and not a major focus, friendships, groups and group activities are important and enjoyable. We see many kinds of leisure activities happening with groups or group entertainments.

Siblings and sibling figures in your life have romance this year (after July 16). If they are single there is a strong possibility of marriage. Parents or parent figures are having a status quo love year. Children and children figures in your life (of appropriate age) are very socially active this year, especially until July 26. Love is in the air. They go after what they want and seem to get it. They are unusually popular these days. Grandchildren of appropriate age (or those who play this role in your life) have a strong love year after July 16. Serious romance is in the air for them.
Favourable numbers for love are 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9.