Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2014

Your 2nd house of finance has been a house of power for many years now, and will remain so for many more years. You are focused here and this focus is 90 per cent of your success.

The year ahead seem prosperous, although the first half of the year more so than the latter. Jupiter is making wonderful aspects to Saturn, your financial planet, until July 16. Prosperity should continue afterwards too, but you’ll probably have to work harder at it.

On December 24 your financial planet will move into your own sign and will stay there until 2017. While this aspect is challenging for health and energy, it is wonderful for finance. You will enter a long-term cycle of prosperity.

Pluto has been in your money house for many years. This shows that a cosmic detox is happening in your financial life. Impurities in practice and attitude are being cut away and removed. The Cosmos has been working to make the financial life healthier, to cut costs, expenses and waste. Sometimes this happens by dramatic means. Financial ‘near-death’ kinds of experiences (and sometimes actual financial ‘death’ – bankruptcy) have been happening, and could happen in the future too. Pluto is very thorough.

With Pluto in your money house the Cosmos is calling you to prosper by removing things in the financial life that don’t belong there. Perhaps you have duplicate bank or savings accounts, duplicate brokerage accounts, too many financial advisers, too many financial newsletters. This waste should be reduced.

Often people hold on to possessions that are no longer needed and which just take up space in the attic or basement. These should be got rid of as well. Functional relevance should be your guide. If a thing is not being used, sell it or give it to charity. Make room for the new and better that the Cosmos wants to come in. The financial body is a body as much as the physical body is (though it is invisible). It is subject to clogging up as much as the physical body. It needs a good detox – a spring clean.

Pluto in the money house signals an ability to attract outside money either through credit or through investment. This has been a trend for many years, but last year and this it is particularly strong. (Jupiter has been in your 8th house, which rules these things.) Thus, if you have good ideas this is a great year to attract outside investors (with the first half of the year especially good). This position often shows someone who prospers by creative kinds of financing. You have had – and will have – many opportunities to invest in troubled properties or companies and turn them around.

Pluto is also the planet of inheritance. Thus this can happen as well. Hopefully no one has to die, but you are remembered in someone’s will or appointed executor for someone’s estate.
With Pluto in your money house and Jupiter (the ruler of your Horoscope) in your 8th house, prosperity will happen as you seek to prosper others. The financial interest of the other (the partner or partners) should come first. As you succeed in this, your own prosperity will naturally happen.

Many of you will be called to manage other people’s money. This can be the household budget, the family assets or the assets of a business or of friends. You are very good at this sort of thing these days.

It looks like a new car and new communication equipment are coming to you after July 16. Siblings and sibling figures are prospering then too and your relationship with them will improve.
Favourable numbers for money are 3, 10, 15 and 21.

This is not an especially strong career year. Your 10th house is basically empty (only short-term planets will move through there) while your 4th house of home and family is strong. You seem more or less satisfied with your career and have no need to make major changes. It will be a stable kind of career year.