Aquarius Career Horoscope 2014

You money house has been powerful for some years now and will be powerful for many more years to come. There is a great focus on finance and this focus is 90 per cent of success. I consider interest and focus more important than mere ‘easy aspects’. The interest is the drive – the urge – and when this is present, people will prosper even in the midst of adversity. They are willing to confront and deal with all the challenges that arise.

Last year you had the best of both worlds. You had the drive AND the easy aspects. So prosperity is happening. This is the case until July 16 this year too. You are spending more, for sure, but also earning a lot more.

Neptune, the most spiritual of the planets, is your financial planet. So the spiritual dimensions of wealth have always been important to you. But now, ever since Neptune moved into his own sign of Pisces in February 2012, this interest is intensified. And you are probably getting good results with spiritual methods of finance: meditation, visualization, charitable giving and accessing the supernatural (rather than the natural) sources of supply. Your financial intuition is always good – Neptune is the planet of intuition – but this year it will be superb. Saturn, your spiritual planet, has been making nice aspects to Neptune since October 2012.

In finance you most definitely march to a different tune. But it works. Friends and colleagues are most likely astounded. You don’t do the ‘normal’ kinds of things. Yet, you prosper. Intuition will achieve more in one moment than many years of standard, intensive labour and planning.

On a mundane level, Neptune rules oil, gas and water utilities, shipping, ship builders, fishing and all industries that involve water. He also rules for-profit hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, anaesthetics, pain killers and mood-enhancing drugs. These industries are interesting as investments, businesses or jobs. People in these industries are likely to be important in your financial life.

Jupiter has been in your 6th house of health and work since June last year, and will remain there until July. This shows happy – and lucrative – job opportunities. Many of you landed good jobs last year, but if not, it can still happen in the year ahead. Those of you who employ others are expanding your workforce.

Friends and social connections seem important on the financial level too. They seem very supportive.

Aquarians are natural computer and online people. They take to it like a fish to water. These skills are important financially too, regardless of the actual business or job that you do. Online businesses and activities are profitable these days.

Saturn has been in your 10th house of career since October 2012. This makes the career more challenging. Sometimes this transit shows a demanding or overbearing boss. It indicates that one advances careerwise through merit and sheer performance, not because of social connections or family pull. Social connections can open doors for you, but in the end, you have to perform. Merit will prevail, especially this year.

Saturn is your spiritual planet and he is involved in your career. Neptune, the generic spiritual planet, rules your finances. So, the spiritual dimension is important in the career as well as in finance. If you are involved in a worldly type of career, get more involved in charities and causes you believe in. Volunteer your time. Donate. This will enhance the outer career in very subtle ways.

Favourable financial numbers are 1, 12 and 18.