Aquarius Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Your intuition is being trained in two ways this year, in finance and the career. The two spiritual planets of your chart are involved in both these areas.

When intuition – guidance from on high – is involved in anything, all the facts and rules of the material plane don’t matter. Intuition will often guide you in ways that counter the so-called facts or existing conditions. You will not do anything dishonourable or hurtful but will ignore ‘market conditions’, the unemployment situation, share prices and ‘conventional wisdom’. This is the hard part. It takes faith to follow intuition. Often we have to go against the ‘appearance’ of things and often against our own material assessment of a situation. You receive an intuition and a big part of you is screaming in protest. It’s impossible. It can’t be. Yet, time and events will show that your intuition was correct – and, in hindsight, eminently logical.

Most people look askance at idealism in worldly, practical matters. Idealism is respected, but ‘it doesn’t pay’. In your case this is not so. With you the ‘ideal’ is the practical way to go. This is not a time for compromising on these things.

Saturn in the 10th house of career shows that you are taking on more career responsibilities. More burdens. Generally we shy away from new burdens or responsibilities and try to avoid them. But this is not a time for this. Accept them (the ones that are legitimate) and carry them. As you do you find that you grow as a person and in your career. You will find that you can do more than you thought you could. You get ‘stretched’ as a person. This is part of the Divine Agenda happening in the career. If career matters get overwhelming at times (and this is likely these days), surrender everything to the Divine and let it handle things. If you do this sincerely, from the heart, with no reservation, you will achieve peace and the career problems will straighten themselves out in magical and beautiful ways. This applies to financial matters too. Invite the Higher Power into the situation and allow it to operate the way it wants without interference. Things will straighten right out.