Aquarius Love Horoscope 2014

The year starts off slowly in this department. No disasters, but nothing special on the positive side either. The love life is stable. This is basically a preparation period. On July 16, Jupiter will enter your 7th house of love and romance and stays there for the rest of the year. The fun begins. Jupiter will not only be in your 7th house but he will be making very beautiful aspects to Uranus, the ruler of your Horoscope. So love is in the air. Marriages or relationships that are ‘like’ marriage are happening. If you are already married, your relationship becomes more romantic, more honeymoonish.

Jupiter is your planet of friends. His move into your 7th house gives us many messages. It shows that romance can happen through friends – friends are playing Cupid. Sometimes it shows than an existing friendship starts to become more than that. Sometimes it shows online virtual meetings or love relationships that are conducted online or through skyping or texting.

Romantic opportunities come to you through involvement with groups, group activities or organizations (one of your favourite activities anyway). The message I get here is that you need to just be yourself, do the things that you love to do, follow your passion, and romance will just happen with very little planning or manipulation on your part.

Jupiter in your 7th house also shows your needs in love – your love attitudes. In this case, Jupiter is reinforcing your native attitudes. You want friendship in love. You want romance, but you also want to be friends with the beloved. You want to feel that you and the beloved are ‘team mates’ as well as lovers – a relationship of peers and equals.

You are always innovative and experimental in all things, not just love. And now you meet someone who is also innovative and experimental. You will probably be doing all kinds of unconventional things as a couple.

Jupiter involved in your love life shows that you are attracted to foreigners, highly educated types and perhaps even religious types. You are attracted to refined kinds of people, people you can learn from. A foreign trip will bolster romance; it will bolster an existing relationship or lead to a new one.

Serious romance is in the air whether you are working towards your first, third or fourth marriage. Those in or working towards their second marriage are having their relationships tested until July 26. Marriage is more ‘iffy’ here. It can happen, but there is nothing special supporting it. However there will be dating, parties and new friends coming into the picture. The social life will be active and happy.

Your love planet is the Sun. He is a fast moving planet and during the year he will visit every sign and house of your Horoscope. So there are many, many short-term trends in love, depending on where the Sun happens to be and the aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Favourable numbers for love are 5, 6, 8 and 19.