Aquarius Health Horoscope 2014

Health and energy become more complicated later on in the year, after July 16. But overall, your health looks good. Your 6th house of health is strong until July, and this shows that you’re paying attention to this area. The extra focus on health during the first half of the year will serve you well later on.

As regular readers know, there is much you can do to enhance your health and prevent problems from developing. This year give more attention to the following areas (using the reflex points shown in the chart): the heart (all year but especially after July 16). Avoid worry and anxiety, the states that are the spiritual root causes of heart problems. Things can be handled without worry with a little bit of practice. Worry is merely a mental habit we have fallen into. The world considers it ‘normal’, but spiritually it is considered pathology.

Also pay attention to the ankles and calves. These are always important for you. Massage them regularly and give the ankles more support when exercising. The stomach and breasts are also always important. Right diet is a health issue for you in general, and how you eat is perhaps as important as what you eat. Take meals in a calm, relaxed way. Give thanks for your food and elevate the energy vibration of eating to a higher level. This will raise the energy vibrations of the food and also your own vibration. Food should digest better.

The liver and thighs are another important area until July 16. Massage the thighs regularly. A herbal liver cleanse would be a good idea this year. Parsley and beets are good for cleaning the liver, but there are other methods too.

Maintaining healthy emotional states – peaceful, joyous feelings – is always important for you healthwise, and this year is no different. This is easier said than done, but with practice – especially if you meditate – you can get better and better at it. Emotional discord is the first symptom of a physical health problem (in your case). Be aware of what is happening in your feelings and if they are not right bring them into harmony as quickly as possible.

Good family relations and general domestic harmony are also always important for you. Problems here can impact, rather quickly, on the physical health. If problems arise, strive to bring things into harmony as quickly as possible.

With the Moon as your health planet, health problems often come from the ‘memory body’, from past records that have been restimulated. Though I’m not generally a fan of past-life regression, if your health is affected, it might be a good idea.

The Moon is the fastest moving of all the planets. In any given month she will move through every sign and house of your Horoscope. She will wax and wane, and will receive and give positive and negative aspects. Thus there are many short-term health trends (in your Horoscope these trends fluctuate almost daily) and these are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Favourable numbers for health are 2, 4, 7 and 9.