Pisces Career Horoscope 2014

Your money house has been powerful since 2011 and will be powerful for years to come. There is great focus here – and also much change and excitement.

Last year – especially the latter half – was prosperous, and this trend continues in the year ahead and especially until July 16. Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to the Sun.

Uranus in your money house indicates new inventions and new technology. There are various ways to read this. This can show that you are earning from technology, or it can show that whatever field or business you’re involved with technology is important. Good to invest in the latest technology, as it’s important to stay up to date.

Uranus in the money house shows online kinds of ventures too. This aspect favours start-ups, new industries, new ideas and innovations. Uranus doesn’t care that something is new and has never been done before. This is all the more reason to do it. You are happy to experiment and to take big risks these days.

Jupiter has been in your 5th house since June 2013 and will be there until July 16. This shows luck in speculations – a person who catches the lucky financial breaks. Until July it might be advisable to invest harmless sums on the lottery or some other kind of speculation. Of course this should only be done by intuition and not automatically. The Cosmos has many ways to supply you.

Last year was a good career year and the trend continues this year. Jupiter, your career planet, is in harmonious aspect with Neptune, the ruler of your Horoscope. So, there have been (and there can be in the year ahead) pay rises, promotions and honours in the career. Happy career opportunities will continue to happen in the year ahead. What I like here is that the career path seems enjoyable. You are managing to have fun. After July 16, however, you will earn your career success though hard work. Your good work ethic will be noted by your superiors.

For those just starting out, I like the entertainment field careerwise until July 16. Afterwards, the health field is interesting. And whatever field you’re in, people in these professions can be important in your career. Perhaps you are involved with these kinds of people as clients.

Your financial planet, Mars, spends an unusual amount of time in Libra, your 8th house of transformation, this year. He is there from January 1 to July 26. (A normal Mars transit is one and a half to two months – here he is spending almost seven months in Libra!) There are various ways to read this. This often indicates inheritance or involvement with estates and tax issue. It generally signals that estate planning and taxes are greatly influencing the financial decision-making. It shows a need to prosper others – partners or investors, to put their financial interest ahead of your own. Often this transit indicates someone who is managing the wealth of others (the family, the household or investors). Debts are easily made or easily paid off, depending on your need. There is good access to outside capital. The line of credit is increased. There are opportunities to invest in troubled companies or properties and to turn them around. This will be a good period to cut costs and eliminate waste and redundancy in the financial life – to detox it.

As we mentioned earlier, Jupiter’s move into your 6th house of health and work on July 16 shows very happy job opportunities happening for the rest of the year ahead.

Favourable financial numbers are 1, 4, 5 and 16.