Pisces Family Horoscope 2014

Your 4th house of home and family is not a house of power this year, Pisces. Generally this shows a state of contentment with the status quo. There is no need to make major changes in the home or with the family. You can if you want to – the Cosmos gives you free will – but the overwhelming urge for change is not there. Many of you moved or renovated your home during the past two years, and this reinforces the sense of contentment here.

Though your 4th house is basically empty (only short-term planets will move through there for brief periods), your 5th house of children is very strong. So the focus is more on the children (or the children figures in your life) and not so much on the family as a whole.

Pisceans of the appropriate age have been unusually fertile since 2012, and the trend continues in the first half of the year ahead. There is a strong desire for children these days. Some of you might even consider adoption or undertaking fertility treatments.

Jupiter is your career planet. His position in your 5th house until July 16 shows that you consider the children your career, your mission, your highest priority. Whatever your outer, worldly career is, the children are the real career. This will change after July 16. More on this later.

The children seem prosperous this year, although much depends on their age and stage. However, whatever their age, expensive items are coming to them. They live a more prosperous kind of lifestyle. They are travelling too, and if they are of appropriate age there are very happy job opportunities coming to them. Moves are not seen here.

Parents and parent figures in your life could have moved last year and, if they did not, this can still happen in the year ahead. Sometimes they don’t literally move but the effect is ‘as if’ they have moved. Sometimes they buy an additional home, renovate the existing home, or buy expensive items for the home. Homes near water are indicated for them. Also, they need to check any home for potential water damage.

The parents or parent figures are prospering this year – they prospered last year too. They are also more generous with you.

Siblings or sibling figures in your life are likely to move or renovate their homes this year. If they are of appropriate age they too seem more fertile than usual.