Pisces Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

You have been under the influence of intense spiritual energy since 1998, and from 2012 this energy became even more intense. You are on a spiritual path either formally or informally and it is important to understand some of the adventures that happen on this path. There is not much literature on this subject. Thus experiences happen that seem strange and undocumented.

First, as we mentioned, the physical body itself is becoming more refined – it’s being elevated in energy vibration. Diets that were OK even a few years ago are probably not all right now. The diet needs to be more refined too. This should be checked with a professional, but the important thing is to monitor how you feel under different diets.

The refinement of the physical body will make it more sensitive to psychic vibrations. You will feel vibrations in a tangible, physical kind of way. It will not necessarily be in a dream or vision or feeling. You will experience them in your body – good or bad. If you are around negative kinds of people, this can be quite painful. The solution is to be around positive, uplifting kinds of people. Solitude is to be preferred to negative people.

The refinement of the physical body will enable the power of spirit to act directly on the body, without human intervention. Thus you will find that many maladies or physical discomforts can be dispersed by a word, image or a simple meditation session.

Spirituality is all about ‘letting go’. It is a constant process of ‘letting go’ of the lesser in order to embrace the greater (see Guy Finley’s The Secret of Letting Go for a more detailed explanation of this). This doesn’t happen all at once – no human could take it

– but as a process over time. Eating chocolate is not evil, but if one wants a svelte figure – a greater good – one might let go of it. Often in life things happen that irritate or anger us, and often the anger is very justified. But if one wants a higher state of consciousness – more spiritual good – one will let go of these things. This goes on and on and on. Learning to let go in a joyful kind of way is one of the greatest arts one can learn.

Spirituality is also marked by constant ‘leaps into the unknown’. Now, the so-called ‘unknown’ is very well known to spirit but to us it is unknown. The fear of the unknown must be overcome. Once this happens new vistas of joy and good will be revealed.

This influx of spiritual energy and revelation is testing your old tried and true religious and philosophical beliefs. Saturn has been in your 9th house since October 2012. Perhaps your beliefs were based on certain experiences. Perhaps they were inherited from the family. Perhaps they were taught in school. Now, however, the influx of light and life, dynamic life, is upsetting the apple cart. What you thought was once true is now seen in a different light. Perhaps now you see that your old beliefs are only partially true, or sometimes true. Perhaps you see that you had misinterpreted what was taught to you. And now you have to restructure your belief system in the light of your new revelations. This can be hard work. And this is happening to you now.