Pisces Love Horoscope 2014

Your 7th house of love and romance is not a house of power this year. You are more involved with friendships, groups and group activities than with romance. Some years are like that. This tends towards the status quo; those who are married will tend to stay married, and singles will tend to stay single. There is a basic contentment with the status quo and you don’t feel a need to make major, dramatic changes.

(Next year will be a very different story. Your 7th house will become powerful and the love life will get much more active. For singles there will be marriage or marriage opportunities happening. This year however, you are in preparation for it.)

Though marriage is not indicated this year, we do see love affairs. Jupiter is in your 5th house of fun and love affairs until July 16. Perhaps you need to experience ‘entertainment’ kind of love in order to be ready for the more serious love that will happen next year (and perhaps in 2016 as well).

Mercury is your love planet. Except for the Moon he is the fastest moving of all the planets. In a given year he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope – and sometimes more than once (he goes retrograde three times in a year). Thus there will be many short-term trends in love, depending on where Mercury is and the aspects he receives. These are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Having such a fast-moving planet ruling love shows someone whose love needs change frequently. Hence you might have a reputation for being ‘fickle’ in love, or flighty. It is normal for you to be this way – it is the way you’re wired up. However, not everyone can handle this. The best relationship is with someone who can meet (and cope with) all these changing needs.

Marriage doesn’t seem in the stars for those working towards their second, third or fourth marriages either. For those working on their second or third it doesn’t even seem advisable this year.

Parents and parent figures are also having a stable kind of love year. If they are married they will most likely stay married; if they are unattached, they will stay that way. Siblings and sibling figures, however, are having their relationships severely tested. If they are unattached marriage is not advisable this year. Children or children figures have love this year, and marriages or relationships that are ‘like’ marriages are seen. They had love last year too. Grandchildren of the appropriate age are having stable love years.

Favourable numbers for love are 1, 6, 8 and 9.