Cancer Family Horoscope 2014

Cancer Home and Family Horoscope 2014

Home and family are always important to you in Cancer, but this year especially during the first hardly more so than usual. Mars will spend more than six months in your 4th house, which is highly unusual. Generally he only spends a month and a half to two months in a sign.

Mars in your family house has many readings and interpretations. Generally this shows that construction or major repairs are going on the home. Tempers can be flaring with family members, and there may be conflicts in the family. Maintaining your temper will be a challenge.

While Mars is in your 4th house he will be opposite Uranus and in square aspect to Pluto (in different degrees of exactitude). This suggests a need to make the home safer. Smoke detectors and alarms should be kept in good working order, and the house should be checked for toxic elements (point, furnishings, etc.) or negative geo-pathological fields. (There are dowsers who specialize in this kind of work.) Dangerous implements should be kept out of the reach of children. In fact, if you are renovating d many of you aware of the issues should be a focus.

Mars is your career planet. The obvious message here is that your home and family are your real career these days, regardless of your actual job or profession. This aspect indicates that you are working more from home. A home-based business could be interesting this year. The home seems as much a place of business as a home.

Parents or parent figures in your life are having surgery or near-death kinds of experiences this year. Moves could happen for them as well, which seem happy. Perhaps they buy additional homes.

The family situation in general seems unstable, and thus your complete focus is called for. There is many crises and dramas this year and you need to be on the case.

Personal moves are not indicated; renovations are more likely. Children or children figures in your life are likely to move after July 16, and the moves seem fortunate. Siblings or sibling figures are better off staying put and making better use of the space that they have. Grandchildren (or those who play this role in your life) have a quiet domestic year.

Venus, your family planet, is very fast moving. She will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope in any given year. Thus there are many short-term trends with family that are best covered in the monthly reports.

There is a Lunar Eclipse in your 4th house onApril 15, which affects you and your family strongly. Do your best to keep your family out of harm's way? Let them spend more quiet time at home during that period.

Finance and Career

It has been many years since finance has been a major issue for you. Oh, you earned your living, but the passion was not there. Things are starting to change. As we mentioned earlier, you entered a cycle of prosperity in 2013, and this year it gets even stronger.

Until July 16, Jupiter is in your own sign your 1st house. This is a wonderful transit in general tends to happiness and success also wonderful for finances. We may have written about this last year, but it is still in effect now. It indicates you leading the lifestyle of a 'rich' person. (Of course, this is a relative thing. Most of you won't be living like millionaires, but you will be living in accordance with your own concepts of the 'high life'.) You will eat in the good restaurants. Travel, and enjoy the pleasures of the senses. Sensual fantasies get fulfilled these days ch according to their own standard. How much money one has in the bank or earns is never the issue with this transit e lives 'as if' one were rich. One lives on a higher standard. And, interestingly
Enough, the money to cover this happens.

You feel richer and more optimistic. You dress more expensively. This is powerful money magic. You attract, by this means, wealth opportunities and a richer class of people around you.

Jupiter is the ruler of your 6th house of health and work. Thus happy job opportunities are coming to you. This was true last year too. You have probably landed a nice job by now, but if not, the aspects are still good in the year ahead. Like last year, there's not much you need to do to achieve this need to pore over classified ad sections in the paper or online. The job will find you.

Those of you who employ others will attract just the right employee(s) with little stress or effort.

Jupiter in your own sign tends to what the world calls 'good luck'. So, it might be advisable to invest harmless sums on the lottery or other kinds of speculations. But only do so when intuition dictates. This should never be an automatic kind of thing.

On July 16, Jupiter enters your money house and stays there for the rest of the year and well into next year. This is a classic indicator of prosperity. Assets you own will increase in value. You might find things in your attic or basement that turn out to be worth much more than you thought. Stock you own rockets in value. Happy job opportunities continue to come.

Though you are 'lucky' this year, Jupiter in the money house indicates money from work Ney that is earned. (Jupiter is your work plant.) I read this as your 'work' creates good luck as a side effect. Luck might enhance your earnings, but it is work that produces the bulk of it.

When Jupiter enters your money house he will start to make very nice aspects to Uranus, the ruler of your 8th house of transformation. This often indicates an inheritance ough hopefully no one has to actually die. You can be named in someone's will or be appointed as their executor or to some other kind of function in a will. The aspect can show a nice tax refund. Sometimes it indicates paying more taxes than usual, which are also a prosperous signal. Higher taxes are generally related to higher income. It shows ease in paying down debt or taking on new debt cording to your need. Your ability to attract outside money is More the through borrowing or in investment enhanced. It also shows the prosperity of the spouse, partner or current love. He or she will be more generous to you.

There will be periods in the year when prosperity is stronger or weaker, are will depend on the Sun's position and the aspects he makes with other planets, as the Sun is your money planet. These are best covered in the monthly reports. However, generally money is not a problem this year.

Your favourable financial numbers are 5, 6, 8 and 19.

There is much career change and instability this year, as we have mentioned. It will be important to stay up to date with all the latest technology. Your high-tech expertise is very important. Caucasians have a natural flair for residential real estate, the food business, restaurants, hotels and family businesses d this year even more so than usual.