Cancer Love Horoscope 2014

Cancer Love and Social Life Horoscope 2014

You have been in a good love cycle ever since June 26 last year, and the trend continues in the year ahead. Jupiter's entry into your own sign was an excellent aspect for love. He started to make beautiful aspects to your love planet, Saturn. In fact, your love planet has been part of Grand Trine in water since that time. This is still the case in the first part of 2014.

If you have not yet found that special someone, it is likely to happen in the year ahead. Many of you have already found him or her. While literal marriage might not have happened, many of you are in relationships that are 'like' marriage. Marriage is merely a 'legalism'; the Horoscope shows the 'actuality'.

Saturn, your love planet, and Pluto (the occupant of your 7th house of marriage) are in 'mutual reception' for almost all the year ahead. This means that each is a 'guest' in the sign and house ruled by the other, and shows great co-operation between the two planets. (This was so all of last year too.) Pluto is the ruler of your 5th house of love affairs, fun and creativity. Thus your marriage or current relationship is more fun, more 'honeymooning' this year. It shows that singles have options eye can opt for love affair-type relationships or committed relationships. Both seem equally available.

Romantic and social opportunities happen in the usual kinds of places this year, at parties, resorts, places of entertainment, at the theatre or cinema aces of this nature. This year love is about fun. You are attracted to the person who can show you a good time. And the sexual magnetism and chemistry seem unusually important.

With this kind of chart, there would be a tendency to place too much stock on the sexual chemistry. No one denies its importance, but by itself this is not enough to produce a happy, long term relationship. Other factors should be taken into account and you might not be doing that. This can lead to pain later on down the road. Even the best of sexual chemistries have a life-span of about a year.

Once that abates you have a real person to deal with. You had these same tendencies last year too.

Towards the end of the year, after December 24 there will be a change in the love attitudes. Sexual chemistry will still be important to will still be in your 7th house you will also want someone who serves your interests.

This year you seem attracted by corporate types additional types. Perhaps people older and more established than yourself.

You have this tendency by birth, but these days the tendency is even stronger.

The year ahead seems sexually active. Aside from what we mentioned, Jupiter will be making powerful aspects to the ruler of your 8th house from July 16 onwards. Whatever your age or stage in life, your libido is stronger than usual.

Your favourable numbers for love are 3, 10, 15 and 21.