Capricorn Career Horoscope 2014

Your money house is not a house of power this year and this is perhaps the biggest financial weakness in the Horoscope. You might have your eye off the ball. You might not be giving finance the attention it needs. A glittering social life could be one reason; another could be family disturbances. Capricorns are generally interested in finance – and good at it too – but this year you need to force yourself a bit.

Though family relationships are unstable, there does seem to be good financial support from the family, and from you to the family. Your chart shows a family business. This could be with your own family (and this could be part of the tension here) or businesses run like a family. Family connections are important financially too.

The financial planet in the 4th house favours investment in residential property (although commercial real estate is naturally good for you as well), restaurants, the food business (wholesale or retail), hotels and any industry that caters to the home or family. The field of psychological therapy is good too. Those of you in the health professions would do well in family practice.

Jupiter, your spiritual planet, spends most of the year in square aspect to the Uranus. Thus your financial intuition will need verification. Real intuition should always be trusted, but sometimes one can misinterpret the meaning. Perhaps you are giving too much to charitable institutions (a good thing) and it makes you feel stressed. Giving should always be ‘proportional’.

Jupiter in square aspect to the financial planet generally creates problems of ‘excess’ – generally overspending. But Capricorn is less susceptible to this than most.

Jupiter will move into Leo, your 8th house, on July 16. This will radically change the whole financial life. He will start to make beautiful aspects to Uranus from this date. This shows prosperity and an intuition that can be trusted – a clear, unambiguous intuition.

You will spend more under this aspect too, but you will earn more.

Jupiter in the 8th house signals the prosperity of your spouse, partner or current love – and of friends in general. They are likely to be more generous with you. It also shows inheritance, though no one need actually, literally, die. You can be named in someone’s will or appointed executor to someone’s estate. If you have good ideas for new projects this will be a good period to attract outside investors. The period will be good for either borrowing or paying down debt – according to your need.

The career is highly active – and hectic – until July 26. Mars spends almost seven months in your 10th house of career. You are fending off competitors (this can be personal competitors or competitors to the company you work for). You seem aggressive in the career. The family as a whole – though things are turbulent – seems more successful too. (Perhaps their strong ambitions are part of the cause of the turmoil.)

Mars is your family planet. His position in your career house gives many messages. Whatever your job or profession, whatever your outer work is, your family is your real career, your real mission for the first seven months of the year. The family does seem supportive of your career goals and actively helping. You are working to integrate your home and your office. The home will become more like an office and the office will become more ‘homelike’. Family connections are helpful for finance and the career.