Capricorn Self-improvement Horoscope 2014

Personal transformation – the giving birth to the ideal you – has been a major interest for some years now, as we have mentioned. The interest becomes even more intense after July 16 as Jupiter moves into your 8th house. Personal reinvention involves mental, emotional and often physical detoxification. You are already the self that you dream of being; it has just been buried by wrong thinking, feeling and the negative experiences and memories that these produce. Graffiti has been painted on what is essentially a divine masterpiece. The removal of the graffiti can be messy, and it is seldom a pleasant experience. The end result is always good, but while it is happening, one needs a strong stomach. It is helpful to understand that the more intense the emotional or mental pain is, the more is being cleansed from the system. And the better the eventual outcome will be. The unpleasantness is temporary; the outcome is for ever (as long as you don’t fall back into old patterns).

This is an excellent Horoscope for students. (Last year was also good.) There is success in studies. The mind is sharp but also intuitive. It absorbs knowledge by osmosis. You just need to expose yourself to the right books and the right teachers and the knowledge will be absorbed.

Even if you are not a full-time student, this is an excellent year to expand the mind and your knowledge base. There will be great satisfaction in taking courses in subjects that interest you.

Maintaining your emotional equilibrium has been a challenge for some years now. With Uranus in the 4th house the emotional life tends to extremes – ultra high or ultra low. Some people treat this chemically, through medication. But this is not a permanent cure. The best way is through meditation. This will give permanent and lasting results. There are many forms of meditation, many schools, and this should be explored in the year ahead.