Capricorn Love Horoscope 2014

When Jupiter moved into your 7th house on last year, you entered a very powerful and happy romantic cycle. And this continues until July 16. The whole social life sparkles. Sure there are some bumps on the road. The Moon, your love planet, is the fastest of all the planets. Every month she moves through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Every month, she waxes and wanes and will receive some positive or negative aspects. But these are short-term events, not trends for the year ahead, and are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Jupiter in the 7th house is a classic signal for love, romance or marriage. He indicates a serious kind of relationship. Perhaps it is not legally a marriage, but it would be something that is ‘like’ a marriage. If you are already married (and this could have happened last year) this aspect would show opportunities for business partnerships or joint ventures.

Jupiter in this house increases and expands the social circle. New friends come into the picture – and good ones. There are more parties and gatherings. People attend more weddings too.

As we mentioned earlier, the social life could be distracting you from finance. And it does seem difficult to balance the two interests. But this too is short term. After July 16 it will be easier to integrate these areas.

Jupiter is your spiritual planet. His position in your house of romance gives us many messages. It shows that you are attracting more refined and spiritual people on the social level. Spiritual and philosophical compatibility is important both in love and in your choice of friends. The physical aspects of love are always important, but if there is no philosophical and spiritual compatibility it is doubtful whether the relationship can last.

Love and romantic opportunities come in various ways: in spiritual settings, perhaps at the yoga class, spiritual retreat, prayer circle, meditation seminar or charitable function. They can also happen in educational settings, at college or university or at some college function.

You have the kind of aspects of someone who falls in love with the guru, minister or professor. You gravitate to ‘mentor’ types – people you can learn from.

It is said that we grow through our relationships (Libra especially holds this as an article of faith), and this year it is certainly the case for you. Your relationships will bring new spiritual understanding and growth.

Those of you working on attaining their second marriage will have an active and happy social year, but will probably not marry. If you are already married, you will most likely stay married. Those working on their third or fourth marriages have excellent marriage opportunities.

Parents or parent figures are having their relationships tested. Things are highly unstable here. If they are unattached, marriage is not advisable. Single or unattached siblings or sibling figures will find serious love next year, but this year is a more or less status quo kind of year.